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Drive For Success
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Drive For Success
Smart Drivers Start Here
Low Stress Low Risk
Driver Education
Drive For Success
We Learn To Drive Easy
We Can Educate
Even a Chico
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At Sprint, we provide the best instructors to help you learn to drive. We all experienced the same thing when we first started driving. We were nervous, but we were ready to succeed. Our driving instructors make you comfortable and assist you with achieving your driving goals at the right pace. Whether you’re new to driving or an experienced driver looking to improve your skills, we have the right driving instructors to make you safe and confident on the road. Sprint Driving School has a variety of local driving instructors in Melbourne. Whether you need a basic driving lesson or a more advanced one, our experienced instructors can help get you started on the road safely. We are one of Melbourne’s oldest driving schools.
We have been offering the best driving lessons in Melbourne for a long time. The VicRoads’ four stages of learning are only part of the learning process for new drivers. At Sprint Driving School, we go beyond the VicRoads’ four stages and provide a comprehensive six-stage program that will help improve your driving skills. Our vehicles are fully insured. We have full insurance coverage for all of our instructors and their vehicles. Book the right driving instructor with Sprint Driving School and start taking lessons today. We follow all COVID Safe guidelines and accepting booking for driving lessons across Melbourne.
Schedule Your Driving Lessons with Us! Book the right driving instructor with Sprint Driving School and start taking lessons today. 03 95780120
Sprint Driving School Melbourne offers affordable driving lessons in Melbourne & nearby suburbs. Our highly experienced driving instructors can help you with casual driving classes and VicRoads drive test. We have locally available, expert teaching staff who are friendly and patient with all our students. We offer professional driving lessons in Melbourne with the help of our expert driving instructors. Our proven educational techniques will boost your skills and ensure you are safe on the road. So, spare yourself the stress of learning to drive and book in with us today. Our driving lessons ensure that you are skilled enough to clear your VicRoads Driving Test and hit the road.
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Here at Sprint our aim is to make you a competent candidate for the VicRoads test. We'll help boost your skills to ensure you are safe on the roads. Our lessons will increase your chance of passing the test with ease.
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Best Deals for Melbourne Driving Lessons
Save More with Package Deals...*Automatic Lessons Prices, Weekends Extra
45 Min Package
Pay as you go 50 dollar per 45 min auto or mannual
5 x 45 Min Package
Pre-pay for 5 standard driving lessons ( 45 min / lessons ) and pay only $250
Get 1 Additional Lesson froe Free Save $50
5 x 60 Min Package
Pre-pay for 5 standard driving lessons ( 60 min / lessons ) and pay only $325
Get 6 Lessons for the Price of 5
10 x 45 Min Package
Pre-pay for 10 standard driving lessons ( 45 min / lessons ) and pay only $500
Get 1 Additional Lesson froe Free Save $50
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide range of driving lesson packages to choose from. Our prices are extremely competitive. The cost of a lesson is $45 and can be arranged for 7 days a week. Our instructor will come to your preferred address (with a dual-pedal car) and offer manual or automatic training depending on your preferences. You can check our special offers at driving lessons packages

Some learners require only 1 or 2 lessons whereas some require 5 to 10 lessons. The number of lessons required depends on your ability to meet the test criteria. Your driving instructor will explain you what to do and what to avoid during the drive test in order to score successful test results.

Yes, your driving instructor can sit in the front passenger seat, but he is not allowed to communicate with you or control your driving while taking up the test. Your instructor will be there to ensure that the tester gives sufficient notice to perform driving tasks and is fair and impartial.

You will be asked to drive the car on a public road performing normal every day driving tasks such as turning right, turning left, changing lanes, reverse parking the car, performing 3-point turns. Apart from your driving skills, you will be evaluated for the ability to maneuver your vehicle in a busy area. You will also be tested on your ability to assess the speed and distance of approaching cars, identify road signs, sensors, signals and indicators of other vehicles on the road. The tester will also evaluate your skill to operate the car on top of keeping the law and safe procedures

Yes, you can take the driving test without enrolling in any professional driving lessons, but our driving courses will help you drive the vehicle safer and responsibly.

To undertake your drive test, you should bring your learner permit car, logbook (if you are below 21 years old), your learner permit and hazard test results along with your appointment papers.

Not at all! As mentioned earlier, the tester only wants to see that you are acting safe and legal. If you take up our driving lessons, we will teach you the most effective driving techniques and help you pass the test much easier.

The driving test approximately takes 35 to 40 minutes to complete.

The key to becoming a responsible driver is to practice regularly, to be courteous and patient, and respect other road users around you.

Taking lessons continuously everyday will boost your chances of passing the driving test in a short time.

We cover all the suburbs of Melbourne.

Yes, all of our driving school instructors are accredited, professional and have years of experience, so with Sprint Driving School, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Yes, we have female instructors for female drivers.

Yes, we can. We have overseas license conversion experts to help you with the process.

1. To control / operate the car 2. All traffic regulations 3 develop your observation and judgment skills. You will also learn to drive the car safely & confidently as well as to pass the VicRoads drive test the first time.
Overseas License Conversion
The need to convert your overseas driving license to a Victorian driving license merely depends on whether you would like to stay in the state as a permanent or temporary resident. If you are in a permanent visa or planning on staying for more than six months, you are required to apply for overseas license conversion.
At Sprint Driving School, we can help you with all your overseas license conversion. If you hold a license from a recognised country, you can get Victorian license just by paying the fees without going through the exams. However, if you hold a license from non-recognised country, you must pass learner permit test, hazard perception test, eyesight test and practical driving test. If you feel that you don’t have knowledge on VicRoads rules and regulations, you can book a lesson with us. We will guide you from the scratch to help you become a safe driver on Victorian roads, while helping you obtain a Vic Driver’s Licence.
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Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons
Recognised as a number one driving school in Melbourne, Sprint Driving School provides automatic and manual driving lessons to the aspiring drivers. Our driving class curriculums comply 100% with VicRoads’ current regulations, so you can pass the driving test with the best score possible. We will begin with teaching the car controls on blank roads
then gradually to busy roads. Whether you want to enrol in manual or automatic driving lessons, our driving instructors can tailor the course to your needs
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Driving School Videos
Learn To Reverse Parallel Park
VicRoads Test Melbourne
How To Perform A 3-Point Turn?
Why use Professional Training?
Being a safe driver is only part of the job. Having a good knowledge of traffic rules and road safety regulations helps you avoid hefty fines and avoid getting into an accident. Our professional driving lessons Melbourne make you aware of the hazards as you learn to drive under different conditions.
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Why Our Driving Lessons Are Different
We are passionate about teaching safe driving techniques and have been doing this for many years. Focus on safe driving techniques with eyes on possible hazards especially on Melbourne’s busy roads makes us stand out from others. All our driving lessons are tailored to individual student needs.
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96% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on
Their First Try
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We Cover Melbourne And Metropolitan Area
We Cover Melbourne And Metropolitan Area