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Driving Lessons Melbourne

A Professional Driving School with qualified Driving Training and Lessons providers in Melbourne

  • Sprint Driving School Melbourne has young and dynamic male and female driving instructors.
  • We will guide you to a successful driving test result.
  • A Friendly Team of Professional Driving Instructors servicing Melbourne’s suburbs.
  • We have driver instructors who are very patient with learner drivers.
  • All our instructors are VIC Roads accredited driving instructors.
  • Sprint Driving Schools’ involvement in the driver training industry has lasted many years.

Do you want to pass your driving test on the first attempt?

Sprint Driving School in Melbourne can help you master the art of driving and get behind the wheel right away! Our driving lessons can help you confidently pass the test without the stress. Whether you are a beginner moving from L to P, want an overseas licence conversion, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a refresher, Sprint Driving School is here to help. We even offer a free driving lesson. If you want to book intensive driving training, and organise an urgent test call 0418 519 228 today.

Sprint driving schools across Melbourne are ready to get you out driving in Victoria right away.

Our skilled, friendly instructors are fully accredited with Vic Roads and are available to pick you up from your doorstep 7 days a week. If you want a driving lessons in Melbourne to learn maneuvering into tight parking spots, night and freeway driving, hook turns, or merging lanes, then our instructors are ready for you call.

Driving Lessons in Melbourne

Sprint Driving School Melbourne

The best run for your money!

Sprint driving schools’ instructors and driving classes will be able to shape your driving skills so you can pass your driving test 1st attempt with flying colors.

Sprint driving schools’ instructors run driving classes 7 days a week all over Melbourne metro.

Sprint Driving Lessons

Get your P-Plates with Driving School MelbourneSprint Driving School’s  lessons come at a very affordable price . We can afford that as we have got local driving instructors who are based in your locality. they don’t need to travel far and the learner driver dose not need to subsidies their travelling time. Our Driving Instructor will design your driving training sessions to suit your personal needs whether you need   beginner driving lessons  or  intensive training  or just to get  your  overseas license change-overs.   To start your Melbourne  driving lessons please SMS, Call or Email. Our driving instructors will match all your training requirements time,  place and urgency.

Tips: How To Pass Your Driving Test

The new Victorian driving test is made of two stages. Once completed you will be able to proceed from learner driver to a probationary licence holder. In your 1st year you will have a red P plate. On the second year and until the end of the fourth year you are obligated to display the “Green P Plates” on the car you drive. The first four years of your licence is called the probationary licence years.

The Vic Roads testing officer will conduct the driving test in one of our new driving school cars either an auto or a manual. For example: if you started to learn to drive an automatic car then you should do the driving test in and automatic car.

Our driver education program & driving classes will guarantee your driving test success.

Sprint Driving School
The best run for your money.

Making proficient motorists out of everyone

As a life skill, there are certainly not too many things as important as being a proficient motorist and here at Sprint Driving School we’re particularly adept at making responsible and competent motorists out of all of our student drivers.

Learning to drive and the driving test itself are monumental events in anyone’s book and for all of those prospective motorists who want to learn the best motoring habits from the outset, enlisting our much vaunted services is an absolutely essential requirement.

For various different reasons, we consider ourselves to be the best choice when it comes to driver training / driver education. Irrespective of whether you prefer a male or female driving instructor, it shouldn’t be too long before you’re the proud owner of a full Victorian licence.

Our Primary Goal at Sprint Driving School

Driving School MelbourneWe want to make quality motorists out of everyone. This is absolutely what makes our driver education so positively vital.

Other driving schools envy our results!

As a team of highly skilled driving instructor professionals, we’re well placed to help everyone in their quest to be a legally recognised motorist.

With a multitude of quality driving packages on offer, it’s fair to say that we’ve got all of those bases covered.

As local driving instructors of distinction, we believe in quality driver training at fair prices. Our excellent 45 minute driving lesson sessions exemplify this ethos in the very best possible way.

There are naturally many driving schools out there offering a driving course of one description or another, but we’re supremely confident that not too many of them go to the lengths that we do to ensure that the driving lessons we offer focus directly on the needs of the client.

Here at Sprint Driving School Melbourne we truly do offer the road to success and this is great news for all of those people who want to be proficient in the art of motoring.

A Driving School Melbourne

We welcome all ‘learn to drive seekers’ to our driving school.
Please contact us for all your driving school requirements. We operate 7 days per week.
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