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Sprint Driving School Melbourne

Exceptional Driver Education

Sprint Driving School can help you become a confident driver and will get you behind the wheel straightaway. We will make you competent for the test and boost your skills to ensure you are safe on the roads.
Our lessons will assure you that you know what you’re doing making passing the test a breeze. Spare yourself the stress of learning to drive and book in with us today.
Sprint School will provide you with a free lesson as we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our training. We teach a variety of students from complete beginners to someone who is moving from L to P plates.
We can also help overseas license holder’s gain familiarity with Australian road rules and convert to an Australian license. You might be a seasoned pro looking for a refresher course.
No matter what your reason for seeking driving lessons we have instructors ready for you. If you want to book intensive learn to drive training or organise an urgent test then call us today on 0418 519 228 or book online.

  • Sprint Driving School has young and dynamic male and female instructors.
  • We will guide you to a successful Vic Roads test result.
  • A friendly team of professional instructors serving Melbourne’s suburbs.
  • We have instructors who are very patient with learner drivers.
  • All our instructors are VicRoads accredited instructors.
  • Our involvement in the driver  training industry has lasted many years.
  • We can provide budget lesson plans.

We are here give you the confidence to drive right away.

We want to get you on Melbourne roads right away and can come to your doorstep 7 days a week. If it’s more convenient for us to come to your workplace, school or university we can accommodate you there too. We offer expert lessons and work on refining your driving skills such as:

  • Manoeuvring into tight parking spots
  • Night and freeway driving
  • Hook turns
  • Merging lanes

If there’s a particular area you are not sure about then our instructors can focus on this to improve your skills. Our highly trained instructors will also identify areas you may need to work on. We’re here to help you pass your test but also become a highly competent driver.

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Sprint Driving School Melbourne

Here at Sprint Driving School we believe lessons should be affordable, making it easier to pass your test and get on the road. We have local driving instructors and the chances are there is one available in your suburb no matter where you are located in Melbourne. As their travel is minimal we are able to offer lessons at a great price without compromising on quality. We offer a variety of packages to suit different budgets and have discounted bulk lessons. Call us on 0418 519 228 to find out what our specials are.

The Sprint Education

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Tell us what you need and we will deliver. Everyone has areas that they need to improve on so let us help you. If you are a complete beginner we will start with the basics. If you are after intensive training we will design a session that teaches you everything you need to know in a small time frame. You may simply be trying to change over your overseas license in which case you should already know how to drive but we can emphasise local road rules. No matter what your goals we can design your training sessions around you to help you achieve them.

The Key to Passing Your Test

Understanding the stages of the new Victorian driving test can get you well on your way to becoming a license holder. See our guide here. Make sure you’re up to date with any changes in the process. Once you have passed your test you will become a probationary license holder, commonly known as a P-plater. For your first year behind the wheel you will be required to display red P plates. From the second until the end of your fourth year you are obligated to display green P plates. These first four years on the road are called the probationary license years. During this time you are required to maintain a blood alcohol limit of zero and will be limited as to what vehicles you can drive.

The VicRoads testing officer will perform the license test in one of our new and reliable cars whether you are being assessed for an automatic or manual license. This will be consistent with the type you have been learning with i.e. if you have been learning to drive in an automatic you will conduct the test in an automatic and receive your automatic driver’s license if you are successful.

Our driver education program & classes will guarantee your drivers licence test success.

Sprint Driving School The best run for your money.

Become A Proficient Motorist

Here at Sprint Driving School we not only want you to pass your test but we also want to provide a training program which will result in you becoming a proficient motorist.

It’s a rite of passage to learn to drive in Melbourne and it’s crucial you are a proficient motorist. All of our instructors value making responsible and competent drivers out of all our students. Getting into good habits from the start is essential to being a good motorist. Lessons should come before learning to drive with a relative or friend to get into good habits.

VicRoads reported 137 road deaths in Melbourne in 2015. Whilst it’s a minority of people that are involved in accidents this number is still far too high and is avoidable if road users take more care on the roads and adhere to the road rules. It’s a reminder to be vigilant and endeavour to be the best motorist you can be. Sprint gives you the education and skills to stay safe.

We are highly regarded by our students due to our exceptionally high pass rate. You want to know that you are paying for quality and we can guarantee this at Sprint. We are so certain you will pass first time with flying colours that if you don’t we’ll give you a second go for free.

Our Primary Goal at Sprint

driving-lessons-Melbourne-for-young-people HomeWe want to make quality motorists out of everyone. This is absolutely what makes our driver education so positively vital.

Other schools envy our results!

With our team of highly skilled driving instructors we’ve got the ability to help you pass your test with flying colours the first time. We’ve got all bases covered with a number of different quality driving packages on offer. Of course there are other driving schools out there offering to teach you to learn to drive, however, none of them measure up to the Sprint team.

We go the extra distance to ensure that the driving lessons we offer focus directly on the needs of the client. With lessons tailored to you, you can improve on particular areas and become a proficient motorist in no time.

Dual Control Vehicles

We have both manual and automatic cars for you to drive during your lessons. These have all been fitted with dual controls so that your instructor can step in and take control if need be.

Dual controls allow your instructor access to a second brake pedal and accelerator pedal. Manual cars also have a second clutch pedal. Any vehicle can be converted to have dual controls. When you have a lesson with Sprint we guarantee your car will have dual controls as we feel it’s the safest way to teach.

These are easily accessible from the passenger side and gives the instructor total control. This will only be used in an emergency situation as the learner driver needs to apply their skills independently. However, it’s advantageous for a beginner to get in a car with dual controls to give them peace of mind that if anything does go wrong the instructor can take over instantly.

If you’re learning to drive in Melbourne you’ll be aware of how busy the roads can be so it’s understandably safer to drive a vehicle that has dual controls. This prevents the lesson posing as a danger to other road users. Promoting safety is paramount to our training sessions.

Learn to drive anywhere in Melbourne

No matter what you hope to achieve with a driving school we are on hand 7 days a week to assist you. We provide quality lessons in Bentleigh, Brighton, Carlton, St Kilda, Elsternwick, Clayton, Oakleigh, Chadstone, Moorabbin, Prahran, Malvern, Richmond, Collingwood and a number of other Melbourne suburbs today. Contact us with your requirements and we will find a local instructor to meet your needs.

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driving-lessons-Melbourne-for-young-people Home
driving-lessons-Melbourne-for-young-people Home
driving-lessons-Melbourne-for-young-people Home