5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Driving Tests

Thousands of practical driving tests are carried out every year in Melbourne. If you want to nail your driving test, you must know the most common mistakes made by the learners. This gives you an idea of what to avoid while taking up the test.

Not Checking Your Blind Spot:

Reverse parking takes a lot of patience and skill. In order to please the examiner, you must keep all the basic things in mind. Look around you to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings. Don’t ignore to check your blind spot as you may end up with hitting a pedestrian or car and causing a collision.

Stalling At Traffic Lights:

When you are stationary at a traffic signal, prepare yourself to drive on. The moment the light shows you the ‘go signal’, start accelerating. You should never rush to move off as you will end up stalling, potentially causing the vehicle behind you to bump into you.

Bad Signaling:

You can easily confuse other drivers with bad signaling and increase the risk of an accident. Last minute signals and forgetting to give signals to other drivers can cause confusion and could endanger lives. In order to make others clear on your intention, it is important to turn off your signal after completing your maneuver.

Poor Steering:

Accurate steering is crucial to avoid accidents and to have complete control over your vehicle. When you are changing gears, you can take one hand off the steering wheel as it will keep you steady in your lane.

Not Checking Your Mirrors:

Checking your mirrors before making any signal or maneuver is extremely crucial for safe driving. Take a quick look at the mirrors to ensure that you are aware of everything around you.

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