5 Common Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Despite being nervous, there are many reasons for people to fail in their driving test. If you are planning to take up a driving test soon, take these simple factors in mind to nail the test without any hassle.

Use of Mirrors:

To prove that you are a safe driver, you must check your mirrors at the crucial moments such as while changing lanes or turning into a road. Of course, simply looking into the mirror will not do magic. You must understand the situation and act upon accordingly.

Reverse Parking:

When reverse parking the vehicle, a lot of learners lack accuracy and good observation. To ignore this, you must fully observe the situation before and during reversing. Reversing slowly gives you a lot of time to correct your mistakes.


Showing proper signals is essential to indicate your intention to other drivers. Most learners commit mistakes by not giving signals, disregarding to cancel their signal or signaling at misleading times.


For the most learners, nerves kick in at a junction. They don’t observe the junction correctly and may not be aware of when to enter or leave a junction. As a thumb rule, you must take your own time to observe the situation before progressing. If your visibility is low, creep out of the junction until you are able to see the road ahead.

Incorrect Turning:

When you are turning at bends, lanes or roundabouts, you must have an eye on the road and have complete control over steering. Most learners fail because they do not observe the surrounding and disregard the examiner’s directions.

If you would like to overcome all these hassles, you should spend considerable time to practice driving. If not, you can take up the help from a certified driving instructor of Spring Driving School. Over the years, we have been providing cheap driving lessons to the learners across Melbourne. To enroll in our driving course, give us a call at 1300 73 1330.