Age Requirements For A Full Licence

Age Requirements For A Full Licence In Victoria

A driver’s licence is an official authorization that allows an individual to lawfully operate a motor vehicle. In Victoria, the licensing system is precisely designed to ensure that new drivers receive valuable experience and build safe driving habits gradually. This systematic strategy tries to reduce the likelihood of road accidents and injuries by gradually exposing new drivers to increasingly complicated driving circumstances.

In Victoria, a learner’s (L) permit is the first step in obtaining a full licence. Next comes a provisional or probationary (Ps) licence, and lastly becoming eligible for an unrestricted full licence. Every step is aimed at increasing the driver’s skills and confidence, and it comes with unique guidelines and restrictions that are developed to increase safety. 

Aspiring drivers in Victoria must understand the age requirements and the stages associated with this process. By encouraging responsible and knowledgeable driving, this overall approach guarantees the safety of all users of the road while simultaneously placing a high priority on the safety of novice drivers. Let’s look at the age requirements & various stages of getting a driver’s licence in Victoria.

Driver’s Licence Progression in Victoria

L- Learner Licence

Obtaining your learner’s permit (Ls) allows you to drive a car on the road with a supervising driver. This is the first step toward obtaining your driver’s licence.

P1- Probationary Licence (Red Ps)

In Victoria, a probationary driver’s licence has two stages: P1 and P2. With your probationary licence, you can drive unsupervised, but there are specific restrictions that you must follow. The restrictions for P1 licence holders are more as compared to P2 licence holders.

P2- Probationary Licence (Green Ps)

Once you have held your provisional P1 licence (red P plates) for 12 months, you can apply for your provisional P2 licence (green P plates). You must then maintain your P2 licence for at least 24 months before applying for your full driver’s licence unless you have been suspended for unsafe driving.

Age Requirements for a Full Licence in Victoria

Understanding the age requirements for obtaining a full licence in Victoria involves progressing through several stages, each with particular criteria based on your age group. This step-by-step method ensures that drivers learn the knowledge and abilities needed to drive safely.

Under Age 21: Obtaining a Learner Permit (Ls)

When applying for your learner permit, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be at minimum 16 years old
  • You need to have a Victorian residential address
  • You must not be disqualified from getting a learner permit
  • You need to pay the appropriate fees
  • You must be medically fit to drive

Under Age 21: Progressing to P1 Probationary Licence

In order to advance from your learner permit to a P1 probationary licence, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • You must maintain your learner permit for a minimum of 12 months
  • Complete 120 hours of driving in your logbook, including 20 hours of night driving
  • Successfully pass the driving test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Pass the Hazard Perception Test

Under 21: Progressing to P2 Probationary Licence 

When transitioning from your P1 to P2, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Hold the red Ps for a minimum of 12 months without incident. 
  • Advance from P1 to P2 directly without the need for further tests
  • Get a notification letter indicating the need to switch to your P plates

Aged 21-24: Progressing to P2 Probationary Licence 

To advance from your learner permit to your green Ps (P2) as an individual aged 21 to 24, you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain your learner licence for a minimum duration of six months.
  • Successfully pass the driving test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Pass the Hazard Perception Test

Over Age 25: Progressing to P2 Probationary Licence 

If you’re over 25 and want to move from your learner permit to your green Ps, you need to:

  • Retain your learner’s permit for a minimum of three months.
  • Pass the driving test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Pass the Hazard Perception Test

Also, if you graduate from your learner permit after age 21, you skip the P1 stage and go straight to a P2 probationary licence. In simple words, older drivers can move through the licensing stages more quickly than younger drivers, who have extra steps and requirements to finish. This system ensures drivers of all ages gain the necessary experience before getting a full, unrestricted licence.

Progressing to Your Full Licence

In Victoria, obtaining a full driver’s licence requires completing the learning and probationary phases first. Your automatic transition to your full licence will take place if you pass an eyesight test, keep a clean record of driving, and hold a valid green Ps (P2) licence for at least three years. When you complete this process, you will receive a notice letter stating that you have obtained full driving authority with no restrictions on your previous P1 and P2 licences.


Understanding the age limits for getting a full licence in Victoria is important for new drivers. Progressing through the learner and probationary stages promises that drivers obtain valuable knowledge and abilities before receiving a full licence to drive. If you are in Victoria and looking for a reliable driving school near you consider Sprint Driving School. Our driving school provides expert driving instructors and affordable driving learning packages tailored to both beginner and experienced drivers looking to enhance their driving skills. Our professional driving instructors offer comprehensive training to ensure all drivers are fully prepared to pass their VicRoads test.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Is The P2 Licence In Victoria?

A P2 licence is granted for three years after the first 12-month P1 licence expires. On the other hand, you will skip the P1 stage and get a P2 licence if you are 21 years of age or older when you get your probationary licence. As a result, you will only need to retain a P2 licence for three years, as opposed to the four years that younger drivers must complete both the P1 and P2 phases.

2. Is There An Age Limit On Driving In Victoria?

In Victoria, people are allowed to drive at any stage of life regardless of age if they are medically healthy. There isn’t any mandatory licence exam for elderly drivers above the age of 65 and over 70. However, as drivers become older, it becomes a duty to look after their safety while driving.

3. What Is The Legal Age To Drive In Australia?

In Victoria, under the supervision of a driver with a valid licence, a learner driver may begin driving at the age of 16. However, an 18-year-old needs to apply for a full licence. A driver must adhere to limitations for four years after receiving their licence.

4. What Age Do You Get The Full Licence In VIC?

In Victoria, you must be at least 22 years older to get your full driver’s licence. VicRoads, the state agency responsible for issuing driver’s licences, is in charge of this. This age limit makes sure that before receiving a full, unrestricted driving licence, drivers have enough experience through the probationary and learner stages.

5. How Long On Green Ps VIC Over 25?

If you are a driver older than 25 in Victoria, Australia, you must apply for a valid green Ps (P2) provisional licence only after holding your driver’s licence continuously for at least three months. Your learner permit does not count toward the requisite three months if it has ever been suspended, revoked, or allowed to expire. You will receive a P2 licence after meeting this prerequisite and passing the required exams. You will then need to hold a P2 licence for three years to obtain a full licence.