An Indian Man Died As Vehicle Hits Kangaroo In Queensland

Fatigue and sleepiness are the major causes of road accidents, especially during night-time. That’s why, it is important to get enough sleep and rest before you hit the road. Also, it is worthwhile to take small stops at regular intervals.

Recently, a young man in his 20s has died on Monday while two other passengers were injured after their car hit a kangaroo and then swung into a tree on the Carnarvon Highway near St George, 500km west of Brisbane at around 2.30am.

The driver of the vehicle along with two passengers was traveling from Sydney to Queensland to help one of their friends. Indian man Raju Chikkati, one of the passengers, died at the scene. Another male passenger and the male driver, both in their 20s, suffered minor injuries and were taken to Saint George Hospital for further treatments.

One man has got chest pains and cuts, and the other person had a few injuries on his face. The kangaroo died in the collision, and the police have started the investigations.

While driving during the night-time, it is common to encounter animals on the road. Being vigilant, obeying the traffic rules and driving at slow speed are a few things that you can do to avoid such accidents. If you need more tips on night-time driving or a practical driver training to improve your driving skill, call 1300731330 and book your driving lessons with Sprint Driving School.