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Welcome to Melbourne Driving School in Beaumaris!

  • Do you live in Beaumaris, Blackrock, Sandringham, Highett and surrounding suburbs?
  • Are you looking for lessons from a top local driving school?
  • Are you after automatic or manual driving lessons in your area?
  • Do you want to go from L TO P as quick as possible?
  • Do you need an overseas license conversion and warmup driving lessons?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are in the right place!

We Operate 7 days per week

Sprint Driving School Beaumaris available 7 days a week. Lessons can run during business hours as well as after hours, weekends and public holidays.

VicRoads Accredited Driving Instructors

All our bay side Melbourne driving instructors are VicRoads accredited and have been involved in the driving school industry for many years.

Our driving instructors at Driving School Beaumaris are able to clearly explain what the VicRoads test requirements encompass. . We make sure that all our students are given the skills and knowledge required to drive solo.

Sprint Driving School Beaumaris will be able to match your availability and your level of urgency.

Pass the Test on Your 1st Attempt with Driving School Beaumaris

It is important that the students have an expert instructor teaching them the fundamentals and as well as the advanced levels of operating a car.

We will guide you and explain how to manage your driving in a test situation so that when you go for your license at VicRoads you’ll maximize your score and pass with flying colors!

Driving Lessons in Beaumaris

The Melbourne driving lessons can run for 45 min, 60 min or 90 min. It is your choice of which duration you require. Our prices are very competitive and affordable because we are local .you will be getting the highest quality lessons from advanced instructors who’ve been doing this for a long time.

Furthermore, Sprint Driving School Beaumaris don’t charge any extra for weekends. The fees are flat fee whether you take them in the morning, after hours or weekends. There’s also a free lesson on the test day. This is our departing gift to our valued students who usually pass on the first attempt.

The closet VicRoads office is the Heatherton office. Our instructor will be able To familiarize you with the fixed testing runs around the Heatherton VicRoads office. or any other vic roads.

Sprint Driving School Beaumaris will point out the sensitive areas where it is common to lose points. Our driving schools’ cars are new and clean. They are fitted with dual pedals for safety and are easy to drive. Also, if you’re taking your lessons during summer then relax, we have fully operating air conditioned cars for your comfort.

To start your driver education program with Driving School Beaumaris simply call the number below to speak with one of our instructors who can enroll you today!

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