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Whether you want to start your driving lessons right from the beginning, need a bit of practice before taking your driving test or need some training in a new type of vehicle, look no further than Sprint Driving School. Recognised as one of the best driving schools in Melbourne, we have helped so many students across Burnside and the surrounding suburbs to get behind the wheel with appropriate skills and confidence. With more than a decade of experience in the business and a team of professional driving instructors, we have offered driver training to more than thousands of students. Our driving courses have everything it takes to help you pass the driving license test and get you on the road.

Range Of Driving Courses Available

No matter the course you enroll in, you will receive one-to-one personal attention from our instructor. Whether you require just a few hours of lessons to refresh your driving skill or a comprehensive driving course, you are sure to receive maximum attention from start to finish.

  • Automatic driving lessons
  • Manual driving lessons
  • Intensive driver training course
  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Advanced driving course
  • Beginner driving lessons
  • Much more

Both Male And Female Driving Instructors Available

When taking driving lessons from us, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why we have both male and female driving instructors to guide you. Whether it is your personal preferences or simply a requirement, we will be able to match with an instructor of your choice to teach you the art of driving.

Manual And Automatic Driving Lessons

Manual driving is not more challenging that driving an automatic car. Both have equal challenges and difficulties. However, the advantage of learning manual over automatic is that when you pass your driving test, you can drive both transmissions. At Sprint Driving School, we take pride in having numerous instructors who specialise in both manual and automatic transmissions

Unique Way Of Teaching

We don’t believe in discussing about driving techniques while making you sit idle in the classroom. Our way of teaching is to make you drive the car. Of course, our driving course includes both in-class and in-car training where you will learn about the road signs, rules and regulations of VicRoads as well as practice the best driving techniques.
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