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Elevate your driving game with Sprint Driving School, i.e., the best Glen Iris Driving School. By linking with us, you will be getting comprehensive driving lessons in Glen Iris given by top-notch, fully trained instructors. All of our driving programmes are designed to help people swiftly pass their driving test exams and become able to drive under all kinds of road conditions. We have a wide range of cosy vehicles that range from manual to automatic transmission ones. This way, we are able to offer an unmatched learning experience to all those who come to us for learning. Making us more unique are our driving instructors in Glen Iris, who have been active in the industry for such a long time. By completing it, we have world-class customer service that ensures that everyone’s journey around us remains a steady and composed one, and they become skilled drivers in a smooth and enjoyable way. Till now, we’ve helped a large number of candidates pass their driving test exams, and they really have been made competitive drivers capable of driving under all kinds of road conditions in Australia.

High-quality Driving Training in Glen Iris

Glen Iris Driving School is the number one Melbourne Driving school in the area for people looking to get high quality driving lessons at Glen Iris from expert local driving instructors.

Expert Glen Iris Driving Instructors

We at Glen Iris Driving School are able to assist you with all your driver training. We have many years of experience not only as Melbourne driving instructors but also trainers who teach learners to be safe drivers for life. With Sprint Glen Iris Driving School you will learn to be a calm driver as you progress toward attaining your Vic Roads Driver’s license. Having many years of experience in the industry enables Glen Iris Driving School to provide full training for all students. Whether you’re just starting out to learn to drive a car or have had considerable experience and are near to getting your license, we can help you to get your license All you need is weekly driving lessons in Glen Iris.
We will build confidence in you to allow yourself to be confident driver in many different traffic situations. As we go through the driving lessons in Glen Iris and near by area we will ensure you are taken through as many traffic scenarios to give you the maximum experience before going solo.

Driving School Packages

We can help you build your competencies slowly or quickly with intensive driving lessons. We have 2 main packages that you can enroll in. The first package is the standard package and is suitable for most learner drivers. This is good for learners who have recently passed their learners test. The second driving course package is for more experienced learner drivers who are almost near getting their driver’s license. This driving course package is called the intensive package that allows you to take as many Melbourne driving lessons as you need in a short time frame. You can book multiple driving lessons in a single day to expedite your training.

Overseas License Conversion

The intensive package is also suitable for overseas drivers . We can help you get your Vic Roads driving license. Call us and let us help you to get your Vic Roads Drivers license as quick as possible. VicRoads has a web page that explains who is eligible to get their Vic Roads Driver’s License.

Glen Iris Driving School Prices

With a variety of courses at amazing prices. Our prices are not only affordable but also great. The price of a Glen Iris driving lesson is the same whether you take that during the day, at night time or the weekend. We have just the one rate throughout the year.

Driving School Operating Hours

Sprint Glen Iris Driving School operates 7 days per week and most public holidays. If you’re looking for night time driving lessons in Glen Iris then get in touch with us. Sprint’s Glen Iris driving school is the perfect place to get your driving lessons. Call us now to find out how to take advantage of our experience and expertise. Glen Iris Driving Lessons are conducted with late model auto or manual cars which are kept in a great condition. All our vehicle are fitted with air-conditioning to give that extra comfort when taking your driving lessons. To make it even more convenient for us and the learner driver all our cars are comprehensively insured to give us worry free driving knowing that we are covered by insurance.

Easy and convenient

You can now book online with Sprint Glen Iris Driving School. To book with us online, simply click through to our online booking service. At Sprint Glen Iris Driving School, we are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction for every client. We want to make your experience with us, from booking to passing your test, as seamless as possible. Simply book at least 72 hours in advance and we will contact you to confirm your booking. Contact us today for the friendliest drivers, fastest learning outcomes and high quality service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common mistakes while parallel parking include:

  • Not checking mirrors and blind spots thoroughly.
  • Incorrectly judging the distance to the curb or other vehicles.
  • Failing to adjust the steering wheel appropriately during the manoeuvre.
  • Not ensuring your vehicle is completely within the parking space and parallel to the curb.

The easiest way to book driving lessons is through our online booking system. Simply visit our online bookings page, select your preferred time and instructor, and follow the prompts to secure your lesson.

Yes, detailed information about our driving packages can be found on our packages page. Here, you’ll find details about our standard driving course packages, including pricing and what’s included.

The best way to prepare for your driving test is to practise regularly under various driving conditions, review the road rules, and take professional driving lessons. Our instructors can provide you with a comprehensive training plan to ensure you’re fully prepared.

You can contact Sprint Driving School by phone at 1300 731 330 or email, For immediate assistance or to book driving lessons, visit our contact page or call us directly during business hours.

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