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Glenferrie Driving School

For most people, driving is a crucial part of their daily life. Whether you are running errands, driving to work or driving for leisure, it is important to drive safely. The best way to enrich your driving skill is to attend one of the best driving schools in Melbourne. Sprint Driving School offers professional and affordable driving lessons to the sprint learners with all levels of driving abilities across Glenferrie and the surrounding suburbs. We have a team of fully-accredited driving instructors who not only prepare you for the driving license test but also for some unique challenges that you may face on the road.

Range Of Driving Courses Offered:

At Sprint Driving School, we offer a comprehensive range of driving courses under one roof. For beginners who never sat behind the wheels to those who have taken one or two driving lessons, we cater to all segments of learner drivers in Glenferrie. Some of our popular driving courses include:

  • Automatic driving lessons
  • Manual driving lessons
  • Intensive driver training course
  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Advanced driving course
  • Beginner driving lessons
  • Much more

Comfortable Training Module:

Getting behind the wheel, especially for new drivers, can be a nerve-racking experience. When you take up driving lessons at Sprint Driving School, you can take advantage of our enthusiastic teaching approach that makes you feel comfortable and eliminate your fear. Our driving instructors teach you the best driving techniques and the ways to get rid of bad driving habits.

Fully-Qualified Driving Instructors:

At Sprint Driving School, we take pride in having a team of highly experienced driving instructors who can provide excellent level of training to the students with different levels of prior experience. With a huge amount of teaching experience and a friendly approach, our instructors will help you pass the practical test and obtain driving license the first time round.

driving license

If you are convinced with what we offer and would like to know our driving lesson prices, give us a call on 1300 731 330.

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