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Driving Lessons Made Easy With Sprint Driving School

Are you excited to learn to drive at one of the best Oakleigh Driving School? Come and join the Sprint Driving School, where you will learn about the top driving techniques and technologies to drive with ease. You will have a kind, experienced Driving Instructor in Oakleigh who will not only train you to pass your test but will also help you to learn new skills and confidently drive in real-world conditions.

Comprehensive Driving Instruction for Success

Whether you are joining the driving school to polish your skills or just to begin your driving journey, the Driving Lessons at Oakleigh will offer all you need. At this driving school, you will learn all the necessary things so that you can easily move around the city’s busiest highways. The main goal of our driving school is to provide all its customers with top-notch driving instruction, empowering them with the skills and knowledge to navigate the roads with confidence.

How would you select the most suitable local diving school in Oakleigh?

Is it the the driving lesson cost or is it the instructor skills and/or the flexibility to match your schedule? Most likely – The ability of the Driving Instructor to help you pass the Vicroads driving test in your 1st attempt! We provide all this at Oakleigh Driving School. Well, Sprint Oakleigh Driving matches all the above and more!

The Benefits of Oakleigh Driving School

Hours of Operation

Oakleigh Driving School can conduct Melbourne driving lessons 7 days a week. Driving lessons can run anytime between 8am and 8pm everyday of the week including weekends and public holidays. Please note: There is no extra charge on weekend or public holidays. Great value for money!

What you get from Sprint’s Oakleigh Driving School?

  • Our learner driving cars are well-maintained and kept in top notch condition that are late models and fitted with dual pedal controls for safe driving.
  • Choice of automatic and manual cars for your driving lessons.
  • Local driving instructors who are VicRoads accredited and will work around your schedules.
  • Standard lessons are 45 minutes long. 60, 90 and multiple lessons also available.
  • We cater for those who need longer lessons by providing extended 60 or 90 minute lessons.
  • Driving Instructors will pick you up anywhere like your home, work, uni. or  school.
  • Our Driving Instructors are familiar with the Vicroads driving test criteria.
  • We will provide male and female Driving Instructors.

Hours of Operation

We can conduct Melbourne driving lessons 7 days a week. Driving lessons can run anytime between 8am and 8pm everyday of the week including weekends and public holidays. Please note: There is no extra charge on weekend or public holidays. Great value for money!

Bonus Driving Lesson with Oakleigh Driving School

As a bonus for people who select Oakleigh driving school for the VicRoads driving test. Our driving instructors will give you a free driving lesson immediately before your scheduled VocRoads driving test. This will make you more comfortable and familiarise you with Oakleigh driving test area. We have found that this setup can boost your confidence and perform outsandingly better and thus easily pass the driving test on your 1st attempt.

Qualified and Skilled Driving instructors in Oakleigh and South Oakleigh

As we are local Oakleigh Driving School, our instructors will arrive in a short notice with a new car to your address. Lesson will start at your preferable location. Our Instructors will start your driving classes in your area promptly. Your driving lessons will start and move through Oakleighs quiet streets. As you progress during your driving course the driving instructor will take you into more busy streets and roads thereby giving you more challenging lessons to improve your driving skills. We will work with you to increase your confidence and develop your driving skills to allow you to have a future of driving in safety.

Oakleigh Driving School breeds Quick Learner Drivers

As your drivign skills develop and become better we will take driving lessons on main arterial roads, highways and including freeways. All of these driving conditions will be a great step toward acquiring driving skills that will allow you to drive on your own in the very near future. Oakleigh Driving School’s instructors have many years of experience in giving driving lessons to drivers of all ages. All of us at Oakleigh Driving School aim to make you a confident and a competent safe driver. That very much means a driver who is able to handle any type of road/driving condition.
Oakleigh Driving School

Contact Oakleigh Driving School

Call our local number 1300 73 1330 or Text 0418 5192 28 to have someone speak to your about driving lessons. Altenatively book online today for your driving lessons in Oakleigh and South Oakleigh.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Sprint Driving School, we offer a complete range of driving lessons tailored to meet your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer automatic or manual transmission cars, we provide both options. Our lessons include intensive training courses, refresher lessons, beginner lessons, and more, ensuring we cater to drivers at all skill levels.

Yes, at Sprint Driving School, we offer both automatic and manual transmission cars for driving lessons. Our instructors are skilled in teaching with both types of vehicles, allowing you to choose based on your preference or learning goals.

No, there are no additional charges for driving lessons scheduled on weekends or public holidays. We maintain a flat-rate pricing structure to ensure fair and consistent pricing for all our students, regardless of when they schedule their lessons.

Standard driving lessons at Sprint Driving School are 45 minutes long. We also offer extended sessions of 60 and 90 minutes for those who prefer more intensive or longer training sessions.

During driving examinations, examiners adhere according to VicRoads’ assessment standards. While they follow these guidelines, they recognize that rookie drivers may make minor mistakes. It is advisable to combine family or friend learning with professional driving lessons to ensure comprehensive preparation and repair of any driving errors.

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