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Are you looking for a driving school with highly qualified professionals who can give you the best learning experience? Now, it is time to stop your search since Sprint’s Ormond Driving School is the best Driving School and offers you professional teams that can help you learn to drive more easily. You will find the best Driving Instructors at Ormond Driving School that will help you pass your driving test with 100% success. Experience the best driving Lessons at Ormand that will give you real-time experience and confidence to drive successfully on the road without any hassle and bustle. These Driving Lessons in Melbourne will properly explain every detail and mechanism of a car so that you not only develop driving skills but also gain some knowledge about the mechanics of the car.

Ormond Driving School with Local Driving Instructors

Sprint Driving Schools’ team of highly experienced Melbourne diving instructors are based in Ormond and are fast to respond to calls. Each and every Sprint Driving School’s instructor hold VicRoads accreditation and with a wealth of driving experience. Our knowledge of the local VicRoads testing office routes is an added bonus to guarantee a pass in the driving test.

Flexible Locations for Driving Lessons

Your driving instructor will pick you up for your driving lessons. They can come to your home, office or even another address of your liking. Furthermore, your driving lessons in Ormond don’t have to end at the same place.
Driving School Ormond

Ormond Driving School Operated 7 days per week.

Sprint Driving Schools’ driving instructors are available 7 days a week and will pick you up for driving lessons with the car of your choice. Most people start with an automatic transmission but if you wish a manual transmission car is also available for driving lessons. There is no sleepin for us because we operate in major holiday times to give you that added value of being available for driving lessons. When you enroll with Sprint’s Ormond Driving School you will be allocated a local driving instructor who will be able to address any driving concerns you may have. The driving lessons and driving courses are centered around you learning to drive in many different conditions.

Driving Lessons and Traffic Conditions.

We’ve been in the drivig school industry for a long time. We know that in order to produce competent drivers for life a the learner driver requires many driving lessons in various conditions. Here are some of those road conditions we will take you through. Melbourne driving school will teach you:
  • Night driving experience.
  • freeway driving.
  • reverse into tight car spot.
  • driving with Trams in the CBD.
  • making 3 point turns.
  • Plus passing successfully the Vic roads drive test.

Safety in Driving Lessons

Sprint’s Ormond Driving School pays special attention to safety. We ensure that all our driving lessons vehicles are conducted with cars that are new and fitted with dual pedal controls. Furthermore, we are fully comprehensively insured for learner drivers. Having insurance enables us to provide our learners a safe and value added driver training environment.

Driver Training Programs

Sprint’s Ormond Driving School provides a range of driver training programs.
  • Beginner Learner Drivers: We have a driving course for all beginner learner drivers.
  • Refresher Driving Course: A refresher driving course for those who have been driving but need some driving lessons to get familiarized with the roads and to get back into driving.
  • Overseas License Holders: Overseas license holders who are in need of a license in Australia.
  • Intensive Driving Course: An intensive driving course for those who are in a hurry to get their license fast.
Every learner driver will be able to find a suitable driver education program to match his/her driver training needs. As an added bonus of our policy we are offering a free driving lesson on the test day prior to your driving test. Sprint Driving School your local Ormond driver education provider will provide you with driving lessons at unbeatable prices. Call our office number on 1300 73 1330 to book your local Ormond driving instructor with Sprint Driving School Ormond.

High-quality driving lessons provided by Sprint’s Ormond Driving School!

Get your driving lessons from Sprint Driving School. Call us today if you live in Ormond, Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield, Moorabbin, Carnegie, Murrumbeena and surrounding suburbs. High quality driving lessons is key to learning to drive correctly. text driving school Ormond Call , text 0418519228 or e mail us

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprint Driving School covers all suburbs of Melbourne, ensuring our instructors are well-versed in local roads and traffic conditions across the city. Whether you’re in the inner city or the outskirts, we provide comprehensive driving lessons tailored to your area.

Yes, Sprint Driving School offers both automatic and manual transmission car lessons. This flexibility allows you to choose based on your comfort and preference. Whether you’re learning the basics or aiming to master a specific transmission type, our instructors are equipped to support your learning journey effectively.

The secret to being a safe driver is consistent practice, patience behind the wheel, consideration for other road users, and staying alert. To instil lifelong safe driving practices, our instructors place great value on these ideas.

Yes, all our driving instructors are certified professionals with extensive experience. They are dedicated to providing top-quality driving education, ensuring each student receives personalised instruction that aligns with industry standards and best practices.

Most students typically find that around 10 to 15 driving lessons are beneficial in preparing them to feel confident and ready for their driving test. Each lesson is designed to build skills progressively, covering everything from basic techniques to advanced driving techniques.

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