Car Crash In Regional Victorian Town – Man Dead, Woman Escaped The Wreck

According to a recent study, car accidents are rated ninth among the top-ten causes of death worldwide. Reckless driving is one of the most common reasons for the growing number of car accidents today.

Recently, a man has died and a woman has been injured in a car accident in regional Victorian town that happened early morning on Wednesday, November 3. While the male driver of the car died at the scene, the woman has escaped the wreck and been taken to hospital with non-life-threating injuries for further treatments.

Emergency services have arrived at Melbourne Road at Wattle Flat about 3.15am to attend the crash. Though it seems like a car had smashed into a tree, police officials have started further investigation to uncover the true reasons for the fatal crash.

Investigators are inviting people who witnessed the crash to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with further information.

What Could Be The Real Cause Of The Accident?

Till now, the real cause of the accident is not determined, but one thing is true that by taking driving lessons from a reputable driving school in Melbourne such as Sprint Driving School, you can avoid such fatal accidents from happening. You will learn on how to drive at night and how to tackle unexpected situations from certified driving instructors.