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Sprint Driving School – Leading Driving School in Collingwood

Sprint Driving School is a premier Collingwood Driving School teaching learners to drive a car. Collingwood is a great place to start your career as a successful learner driver. With nice, wide, smooth roads and a few challenging areas, it is perfect for people who might be a little bit nervous starting out. With a few roundabouts and the car park down at the local shops offering a few different obstacles for you to fine-tune your driving skills, Opt for the best driving lessons in Collingwood, as we have been active in the industry for such a long time. Imagine yourself turning from a freshman to a real master of the roads in a matter of days.

Experienced Driving Instructors

The driving instructors in Collingwood linked with us have a whole lot of experience, include both male and female tutors, and have a fully friendly and patient nature. By joining us, not only will you pass your exam, but you will also turn into a full-fledged driver capable of driving in any kind of road condition. Age is just a number for us, as we welcome learners of all ages to come and take customised driving lessons from us.

Our driving school in Collingwood can help you from your humble beginnings, with either automatic or manual transmission, then onto intermediate driving and onto your driving test.

We will give you all the skills required to pass your driving test on the very first attempt. So you can drive to work, school and gain the independence you’ve always wanted.

Learning to drive is one of life’s great milestones and Sprint’s Collingwood Driving School wants to make sure you get there as quickly as possible with safety and confidence. We want every person who learns with Sprint to face the Victorian driving test and get onto the road as quickly, confidently and safely as possible.

Collingwood Driving School

Driving Lessons Provided 7 Days a Week

At Sprint Collingwood Driving School we know that people are busy. You might have day shifts and school. Not to mention your social life, sports, or other activities getting in the way of learning to drive. So in order to give people in Collingwood the opportunity to get Melbourne driving lessons, we are open on the weekends and public holidays! If you need to sneak in a few cheeky hours for driving on the weekend, we are more than happy to accommodate you. So contact us for the most convenient Melbourne driving school.

Sprint’s Collingwood Driving School has instructors who will teach you quality motorist skills!

Auto & Manual Driving Lessons in Collingwood

These day’s it’s important that you can drive both automatic and manual. Whether you’re buying a new car, driving an unfamiliar car such as a rental or a friends car, everyone has to drive a car that they’re not used to. Which is why Sprint’s Collingwood Driving School caters for auto and manual transmission cars. While manual might seem a bit intimidating to a lot of people, particularly learners who are just starting to get the grips of driving, with Sprint Driving School Collingwood you’ll find clutching, changing up & down the gears and everything becoming second nature in no time. Our Melbourne driving instructors are real professionals in the driver training industry.

Sprint’s Driving instructors in Collingwood are friendly, local and qualified driving instructors you won’t have to stress about. Collingwood Driving School has seen it all, so no matter what happens, our fully insured and experienced team will be able to guide you through your auto & manual driving lessons in Collingwood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, senior drivers may benefit from tailored driving lessons that address their specific needs, such as adjusting to new driving technologies or refreshers on road rules. Our instructors are experienced in providing supportive training to help senior drivers feel confident on the road.

In Victoria, the stages are: Learner’s Permit, P1 (Provisional 1), P2 (Provisional 2), and Full License. Each stage has specific requirements and restrictions.

P1 plates are red, while P2 plates are green. These colours help indicate the driver’s level of experience and restrictions.

You must hold a P1 licence for at least 12 months before you can progress to a P2 licence.

Yes, driving schools include road sign recognition as part of their lessons. Instructors will teach you the meanings of different road signs and how to respond appropriately to them, ensuring you are well-prepared for both the driving test and safe driving in general.

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