Common Summertime Driving Hazards and Tips on How to Avoid Them

Summer season brings more humidity, holidays, beach days and pleasure trips. Along with all those activities, summer also brings a number of weather-related variations that make driving more dangerous. Here are the most common summertime driving hazards and the ways to avoid them.

Tyre Blowouts:

When the temperature increases, the air in your tyres get expanded. Even the newest tyres can blowout due to high temperatures, which can cause accidents. So, check your tyre pressure frequently and have a spare tyre in your car.

Engine Overheating: 

Apart from tyre blowouts, high temperature can have a great impact on your vehicle’s engine too. Engine overheating could cause breakdown or a fire that can be dangerous on the road. To avoid this, check engine coolant frequently, change the oil every season and examine if your air conditioning is working properly.

Construction Projects:

Most of the construction projects happen during spring and summer months. A lot of road repairs and buildings being constructed will be done during these seasons, meaning that there will be a lot of leftover debris on the road. So, make sure that you drive slowly around these construction zones to stay safe.

Sun Glare:

When you drive in the summer, you will be blinded by the glaring sun which might cause accidents. So, don’t forget to keep a clean pair of sunglasses with you, clean the windshield and remove smears. All these prevent impairing your vision.

Heaving Rainfall & Flooding:

If you live in an area that receives heavy rain during summer months, be careful while driving. This is because rain and flash flooding can cause hydroplaning and other visibility issues.

Bicyclists, Motorcyclists & Pedestrians On The Move:

As the number of motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road has increased, the chances for crashes are also higher. It can be difficult to see the motorcycles as they vanish in your blind spot. So, you should always be extra aware whenever you are behind the wheel.

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