Did You Know You Might Be An Exempt For Vic Roads Driving Test During COVID-19 Restrictions?

As COVID restrictions and lockdowns in Melbourne and wider Victoria continue, a lot of life’s plans have temporarily come to a halt. Our younger Victorians are among those whose day to day lives have probably changed more drastically than most, with their schooling now being done in the home, and cancellations of the important coming of age events like schoolies, graduation, etc. 

Another consideration during this important time of transition and opportunities for our young teenagers is: Will they still be able to get their license during these COVID restrictions / lockdown? From the 21st of September 2020, all Victorian license testing will resume in regional Victoria. Anyone who had their appointments postponed due to the COVID restrictions will be contacted by Vic Roads via SMS and will be asked to call a dedicated 1300 number to re-book their appointment.

If you are a learner driver based in Metropolitan Melbourne, you can attend a VicRoads Driving Test as long as you can provide proof that not having a driving license can cause you hardship for one of the following reasons:

1) Your work requires you to have a current Victorian license

2) Your health needs require you to travel to receive ongoing medical care

3) You are in the position of a carer and are required to travel to provide this care

4) Any other personal reasons that you can explain how not having a license is causing serious hardship during these times of restriction and lock-down.  

If the learner driver can provide proofs for any of the above, then they will be able to take driving lessons, and VicRoads will conduct the driver’s test.

Two examples that we have had of learners applying for these exemptions are:

Example 1) one of our learner drivers works at a supermarket, and her shifts require her to-work until late in the evening. Due to less public transport availability during these restrictions, she requires her license to be able to get home safely from work after her late shifts

Example 2) one of our learner drivers is working as an apprentice, and their job takes them to multiple worksites around Melbourne which requires them to have a license so they can drive to wherever they are required to work that day.

In the interest of everyone’s safety during these delicate times, the staffs at Sprint Driving School take the following precautions when conducting driving lessons with learners (who have priority in test booking)

   A. The instructors will either wear masks or face shields

   B. Learners may be required to wear plastic gloves

   C. Every instructor sanitises the entire car before each lesson, including the steering wheel, seats, gears, and other hand controls

   D. Keeping windows open whenever able to

As Victorian COVID restrictions continue to ease, the process of preparing for your driving test and completing your required hours and lessons will slowly but surely return to normal. We at Sprint Driving School are here to support all of our learners as they continue working towards getting their license.

There are also online resources on the official website of VicRoads where you can practice your Learner Permit Test and Hazard Perception Test.  If you are unsure about any restrictions or allowances for learner drivers or have any queries about the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 1300 731 330. To book a driving lesson, please go to –https://aasprint.com.au/online-bookings/.