Safe Driving Habits

Don’t Miss Out on this Great Opportunity to Learn How to Drive Safely in Melbourne

As parents, you’ve spent years protecting your children from danger on the roads and off. Now they’re ready to start driving themselves. It is the perfect time for you to prepare to teach your kids to drive.

When you’re teaching your kid how to drive, start off by checking out the car and getting familiar with the controls, then take them for a ride around town so they get used to being behind the wheel. To look for the best driving schools in Melbourne, get in touch with us at Sprint Driving School. With our professional and experienced driving instructors, your teens and young adults will get a better understanding of what they’re doing and give them tips on how to keep themselves safe.

Driving School in Melbourne

Sprint Driving School offers to help prepare drivers for their licence exam. Whether you’re taking your first lesson or preparing for your refresher course, we offer a variety of options that can fit into any schedule.

Our driving school provides a safe, structured learning experience where students can focus on improving their skills without having to worry about getting caught behind traffic or running out of gas. We provide lessons for those who wish to obtain a learner’s permit, intermediate licence, and advanced licence. Our instructors understand that every student learns differently and tailors our program to each individual.

Essential driving skills

Our driving instructors start by teaching your teenager about the basics of driving: demonstrate how to adjust seat, mirrors, and steering wheel safely to suit his or her size and needs. They also make any other modifications that may be needed, such as tilting the steering wheel or adjusting headlight position.

Once that’s done, our instructors will explain how each one operates:

  •    Turn Signals
  •    Dashboard Controls
  •    Steering Wheel & Seat Adjustment
  •   Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Safety Features Like Airbags & Seat Belts
  • Warnings Indicators On Dashboard (Like Low Fuel, Oil Temperature Indicator)

They also teach them to know where the registration, car manual, and insurance card are located inside the vehicle.

We help them get a sense of the vehicle.

We start your teen’s first driving experience in the safest, easiest environment possible, such as an empty parking lot.

When your teenage aspiring driver begins to grasp these abilities, we then make the scenario a little more challenging the next time. Rather than simply halting and starting, we make your adolescent manoeuvre into and out of a car park.

We have a checklist of beginner skills ready

We make your teenagers practice through different routes.

We always pay attention to the abilities your new driver is confident in as he or she begins to learn them, and continue to expose your adolescent to different times of day, degrees of traffic, and weather changes on familiar routes so they’ll get more comfortable.

At this time, your teenager should learn the fundamentals but still requires plenty of practice on the road. We’ll teach them to stay on low-speed, low-traffic routes for the next few hours of driving practice. Then we’ll take a new route each time to ensure your child gets the diversity he or she needs to progress into a safe driver.

What factors should I consider while selecting a driving school for my aspiring teen driver?

  • Check that the school is licensed and accredited by VicRoads or Roads Corporation of Victoria
  • Check to see if the certified driving school can certify completion of the driver education course
  • Choose the driving school in Melbourne with the comprehensive list of driving courses at Sprint Driving School

Melbourne Driving Lessons

Sprint Driving School offers driver training courses anywhere in Melbourne. We offer affordable rates and great customer service. Our instructors provide professional training and guidance and we strive to give our clients the best experience possible.

Whether you’re new to driving or just want to brush up on your skills, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality instruction.

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