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A good driving education starts with any great Melbourne Driving Schools. Enrolling in a professional driving school to get maximum driver education program and from expert driving instructors is by far the best investment you will make as a driver.

Driving Education

A Driver’s education usually starts at a very early age. However, for everyone concerned a persons legal driver education program starts at the time they have planned to get their Drivers Licence. It starts as soon as you pick up the Victorian Traffic Handbook and learn all there is to traffic rules and driving a car.

Here in Victoria it is necessary to study this manual as thoroughly as possible. The Traffic Handbook in Victoria is also called The Road To Solo Driving. This manual is the official handbook publish by the road traffic authority specially done for your driver education.

The Road To Solo Driving

The handbook is divided into several sub books.

Introduction – How to use this book [PDF 914KB, 30pp]
1st Part – The challenges of driving [PDF 589KB, 8pp]
2nd Part – Learning to drive [PDF 547KB, 12pp]
3rd Part – Managing risk [PDF 616KB, 20pp]
4th Part – Rules and Responsibilities [PDF 6.36MB, 95pp]

The latest versions of The Road to Solo Driving handbook is available for purchase and to view online in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish and Vietnamese at the VicRoads website. These books are valuable source for your driver education program.

Driver Education

Booking for The Learners Permit Test

To be able to learn to drive you first need to study This Handbook and become familiar with all there is to it. Once you’re confident and learned as much as you can, you then need to enroll and sit for the Learners Permit Test. Everyone has to pass the Learners Permit Test in order to be able to take up driving lessons with a driving instructor. It is important to pass study this handbook for overall driver education program.

Learners Permit Test is conducted at any VicRoads Office.

Call VicRoads main number on 131 171 or make an online booking for your Learners Permit at

The learner permit test is made up of 30 questions each and is part of the driver education program. These questions usually have 4 possible answers and you have to choose the correct answer.

Do you feel like taking a practice learner permit test? A complete driver education program with feedback to study for wrong attempts.

  • This is similar to the actual VicRoads test,
  • has 32 questions like the actual test,
  • questions are randomly generated – different each time you try,
  • 78% is the pass mark,
  • and wrong answers link you to the handbook so you can learn the right answer.

Your 1st stage in your driver education program will be completed once you’ve satisfactorily passed the learner permit test.

Your Learner Permit is valid for 10 years. As soon as you have your learners permit then you can start immediately taking practical driving lessons. Visit our online bookings to start your driving education today.

Call Sprint Driving School to take you to the next stage of driver education program.

At Sprint Driving School all our Melbourne driving instructors are able to help you to build confidence and driving skills in your driver education program. You will also learn techniques to stay calm and stress free while driving the car. You’ll be having great fun learning to drive with us during our driving education program. Our driving lessons are expertly run by our highly qualified driving instructors. We’ve got one of the best and friendly driving instructors in Melbourne.

Sprint Driving School can provide you a car with Manual Transmission or an Automatic one for your driver education program.

As your driver education program is all about practical driving experience you will need to accumulate driving experience in any road and traffic condition.

Try to get as much exposure to different types of traffic and road conditions as possible.

Aim to at-least drive in the following areas and conditions:

  • city driving,
  • main roads driving,
  • back streets,
  • freeway driving,
  • night and day driving,
  • off peak and peak time traffic driving,
  • driving with trams,
  • hook turns,
  • three point turn,
  • merging lanes over pass and under pass,
  • maneuvering into tight spots,
  • doing U turns,
  • dealing with unfamiliar stressful traffic arrangements.

As part of your driver education program and if you’re 18 – 21 years old then you will need to accumulate 120 hours of driving lessons that needs to be recorded in the driving log book. The log book is provided by VicRoads and every driving lesson should be signed by a Full Victorian Licence holder.

The road to your driver education program nears the end and in no time you will be able to drive on your.

After completing the necessary driving lessons and feeling confident you are set to pass the driving test. Call us to book your car with VicRoads for your driving test. We also offer a free lesson during the day of your driving test. Please call for details for all your driver education program.

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