Driver’s License Guide for Non-Australian Citizens

Are you new to Australia? Looking for some unbiased driving advice?  Then, you can enroll in a driving course that can help you achieve your goal. Yes, there are many driving schools in Melbourne offering driving courses for foreigners. Depending on your prior experience in driving, taking up a few hours of driving classes can help updating your driving knowledge and skills in a quick, easy and handy way.

There are certain scenarios that you need to consider determining the best course for you. Let’s have a look into them.

If you are visiting the country for business purposes or tourism and have a driver’s license in your home country, you can drive in Australia without an Australian driver’s license as long as your license is in English. However, if your license is not in English language and if you are going to stay in the country for more than three months, you should get an international driving permit from your home country.

Why Should You Take Up Driving Course?

Whether you have a permanent visa or a student visa that calls for you to stay for more than three months, you will need to apply for the driving license in Australia, even if you already have one in your home country. In order to pass the driving test and get your license, you should get acquainted with the rules and legislations of the state and territory where you will be residing.

The only way to enrich your knowledge on Australian road rules and regulations is to take up a driving course through which you will learn the essentials of safe driving, defensive driving techniques, your state’s traffic laws and the ways to avoid impaired driving.

Where to Take Driving Course In Melbourne, Australia?

If you are looking for an approved driving school in Melbourne, look no further than Sprint Driving School. In addition to providing theoretical and practical driving lessons, we will guide you through every step of the way with overseas license conversion. Our driving instructors can assist you all the way to pass the test and obtain the license the first time round. To find out more about our driving course for overseas drivers, call 1300 731 330 and get in touch with us today.