Driving Instructions to Drive Safely On Highways

Driving on a highway takes knowledge and skill as the odds of car accidents are more prevalent on these roads. You need to follow the driving rules and should have high confidence level before taking your vehicle on highway. Here are some important tips to keep in mind while driving on a highway.

Know The Speed Limit:

Get to know the speed limit of the route you are taking for the specific trip. Make sure that you stay within the speed limit as over speed may lead to getting a ticket, impounding the vehicle or accident. It doesn’t matter if you reach the destination late, but stick to the speed limit.

Stick To the Correct Lane:

As you know that the left lane is for slow moving traffic while the right lane is for overtaking, stick to the correct lane as per your speed. Don’t drive slowly on the right lane or don’t over speed on the left lane as it may be disturbing other road users.

Read The Road Signs:

To have a safer trip, you must watch out for the road signs.  This will help you to be aware of bridges, roadwork, narrow sections, railway crossings, uphill and downhill. Knowing them beforehand will help you make decisions and drive safely on the road.

Know The Basics:

  • Always keep to the left
  • Do not overtake around a corner
  • Maintain the normal speed
  • Give way to other vehicles
  • Don’t drive if your are tired
  • Get out of vehicle for fresh air in-between
  • Develop the art of dealing with breakdowns
  • Keep calm and focus on the road

Take Classes:

The best way to drive safely on highways is to enroll in a driving school and get proper training. Sprint Driving School in Melbourne has a team of driving instructors who provide driving lessons and hands-on training to teenagers and adults. For appointments, call 1300 73 1330 today!