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Save More with Driving Lessons Packages! *Automatic Lessons Prices, Weekends & after hours Extra
45 Min Package
Pay as you go 65 dollar per 45 min auto or mannual
5 x 45 Min Package
Pre-pay for 5 standard driving lessons ( 45 min / lessons ) and pay only $300
Pre pay for 5 Lessons get 6 Lesson
5 x 60 Min Package
Pre-pay for 5 standard driving lessons ( 60 min / lessons ) and pay only $400
Get 6 Lessons for the Price of 5
10 x 45 Min Package
Pre-pay for 10 standard driving lessons ( 45 min / lessons ) and pay only $600
Get 11 Lesson for the Price of 10
Our prices are very competitive and will give you value for your money in every driving lesson.

Sprint’s Melbourne driving school aim to make every learner driver into a competent, confident and safe driver. We promise you’ll be happy with our services and Driving Lessons Packages.

A school with a team of highly skilled professional driving instructors in Melbourne who offer quality driver training at affordable prices. We will ensure the Melbourne driving lessons we offer focus directly on your needs.

We truly do offer the road to success! Give us a go: test us for 1 lesson and then make up your mind.

You know that you have made the best choice when it comes to driver training and driver education when you enroll with Sprint Driving School.

We know that we provide high quality and outstanding driving lessons backed up with great experience in providing quality driving classes.

With us you will learn a multitude of driving skills that will make you a better driver and we want to make quality motorists out of everyone learner driver and including you.

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    Sprint Driving School for driver education
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    VicRoads Test Melbourne
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    Driving Lessons Melbourne
    Sprint Driving School the best run for your money.

    Thanks for considering Sprint Driving School for your driver education.

    • Teaching and building your road skills in observation and judgement.
    • Learner drivers will learn many new driving skills.
    • We will increase and enhance your driving confidence.
    • Our driving school instructors are VicRoads accredited.
    • Driving lessons are conducted in our late-model manual or automatic cars.
    • All vehicles are dual-pedal controlled for safe driving lessons.
    • All our cars are fully comprehensively insured to cover the learner driver.
    • Call today ask us about our Driving Lessons Packages.
    Are you ready to try Sprint Driving School for your driving lessons?
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we offer both automatic and manual transmission driving lessons. This ensures that learners can choose the type of transmission they are most comfortable with or that aligns with their future driving needs. Whether you prefer the ease of an automatic or want to master the skills of driving a manual vehicle, our experienced instructors are here to guide you through every step.

    We offer a variety of driving lesson packages to suit different needs and budgets. Our most affordable package is $65 for a 45-minute lesson. Additionally, we provide other packages and discounts for bulk lessons, ensuring that you receive quality instruction at a competitive price. For more details on the available packages and to find one that suits you best, please visit our website or contact us directly.

    Yes, all of our instructors are VicRoads accredited. This accreditation ensures that our instructors meet the high standards set by VicRoads for driver education and training. With accredited instructors, you can be confident that you are receiving professional and reliable driving instruction that adheres to all safety and educational guidelines.

    To obtain a learner’s permit in Victoria, you need to be at least 16 years old. You’ll need to pass a computer-based test on road rules and road safety. Preparation materials, including the “Road to Solo Driving” handbook, are available from VicRoads. Once you pass the test, you’ll receive your learner’s permit, which allows you to start learning to drive with a licensed supervising driver.

    You can contact us through multiple channels. You can reach us by phone at 1300 731 330. For email inquiries, you can write to Whether you have questions, need more information, or want to book a lesson, our friendly team is ready to assist you through any of these contact methods.

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