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Driving Lessons
Having driving lessons is a privilege.
It is a privilege that allows you to obtain a drivers licence, which in return gives you freedom, independence and comfort. Equally, a driver’s licence can improve your employment opportunities and social life.
Driver Education – Driving Lessons

Once you have completed your driving education and purchased a car, you will never look back to the days in which you were a pedestrian. Your driving lessons can be either 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Your driving education will start as soon as you obtain your learner permit. It will continue in the form of practical weekly lessons under the supervision of a driving instructor.It is important to note driving lessons are a long term commitment towards obtaining your driver’s licence.

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    Driver Education – Driving Lessons

    You will need to accumulate extended and varied driving experience. Extended means you need to accumulate many hours of driving practice. Varied means you need to experience a wide range of traffic situations, weather conditions, night and day driving, and road layouts to deal with.At Sprint Driving School we also provide intensive driving courses, which involves daily driving lessons. Intensive training helps you to quickly accumulate experience and log the compulsory hours required by VicRoads.

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    Availability of Driving Lessons
    Melbourne driving lessons are available seven days a week and at your convenience. Our trainers come to your home, school, university or work and pick you up and drop you off at your preferred location. Your can choose either a male or female driving instructor, and an automatic or manual car. Sprint Driving School can provide you with driving lessons on the weekends and public holidays at no extra charge. Plus, we include a complementary free driving class on the day of your test.
    Our Driving Instructors

    Here at Melbourne Driving School we can help you with all your driving lesson services as follows:

    • Progressing from L to P plates – we can assist you in logging your compulsory 120 hours (only applicable if you are below 21 years of age)
    • Refresher Lessons – for those who have a licence, but have not driven for a long time.
    • Overseas licence conversion – driving lessons for those who need to convert their overseas licence to a Victorian one.
    • Switching from automatic to manual – we can help you to acquire the skills of gear changing and clutch handling.
    Manual Driving Lessons
    Driving practice for a manual car will require coordination and listening skills. The engine sound indicates when the gear needs to be changed. The focus of these driving lessons will be clutch control, as it is a big issue. Not handling the clutch properly can cause the engine to switch off, which can be dangerous. In a test situation you can stall the engine twice before you fail. However in a real life situation one stall can be too much. Our training program will guide you through the process to ensure you are a safe driver.
    Automatic Driving Lessons

    The driving lessons for an automatic car will be much more straight forward. There is no clutch in an automatic car, as the car changes gears by itself. All you need to do is manage the car within the road markings, learn to give way and accept right of way. Your training in this case will cover astute observational and judgment skills. You will need to read the road signs and markings, and act accordingly.Call us today and let Sprint Driving School with it’s quality driving lessons help you pass at the driving test.

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