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Top Tips To Pass Your Driving License Test The First Time!

The driving license Melbourne can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are taking the test for the first time. Well, most people take up the test with an intention of passing it at the very first attempt, but not everyone could do so. As a leading driving school in Melbourne, we share with you some top tips to pass the driving license test on your first attempt.

Choose The Right Driving School:

With a host of individual driving instructors across the city, you will have endless options to choose from, but make sure you are learning from an accredited school where you will learn different driving techniques in compliance with VicRoads and become a responsible driver.

Get The Right Amount Of Lessons:

While the ‘right amount of lessons’ is difficult to gauge, VicRoads state that a minimum average of 120 hours of supervised driving, including 20 hours of night-time driving is essential before taking the test.

Practice with Your Friends & Family:

In addition to practicing with your driving instructor in Melbourne, you can get some practice outside of your driving lessons with your friends or family. Getting extra practice will help you learning this skill in a short span of time and take up the test faster.

Learn From Your Mistakes:

It is quite normal for a beginner to make mistakes when getting behind the wheel, but it is important to analyse your mistakes and learn from them. Making mistakes provides you with an opportunity to learn something you did not know, so you should acknowledge them and find the way to avoid them.

Practice Mock Test Routes:

If you are nervous about the test day, getting mock tests is more likely to increase your chances of passing the test. Even if you have got enough practice behind the wheel, practicing mock tests will give you the extra confidence on your test day.

Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience in driving, call 1300 73 1330 and book your driving lessons with Sprint Driving School today. Let’s make you a competent driver and help you pass the test the first time.