Driving Licence Victoria

Driving Licence Victoria

Driving Licence Qualification Victoria

The process of going for your driving licence in Victoria or for that matter in Australia is a 2-step process. There are several tests that you will perform as you get ready to drive on your own when taking your driving school lessons.

The first test is the learner’s permit, then followed by the Victorian Driving Test. There are steps on the way to getting your driver’s licence and if you follow the advice given by VicRoads and/or your Melbourne driving instructors then you will have no problem in getting your driver’s licence.

The Road to Solo Driving and Getting Your Driver’s Licence Victoria

After passing and obtaining your learner’s permit, you are then legally allowed to take driving lessons in Melbourne from any driving instructors or a full licence holder. Once again, taking driving school lessons with Sprint Driving School can be highly beneficial to your overall performance.

You can book your driving school lessons online via our booking form or just call 1300 73 13 30 toll-free.

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    How to Get Your Learner’s Permit or Your L’s

    To get your Victorian driving licence, you will need to have passed your learner permit test.

    While studying for your learner’s permit, you would have learned a lot of theory and knowledge about the road rules and regulations for driving. It does not matter what type of driving licence you go for, you need to pass the correspondent learner’s test.

    The learners permit test is all theory and covers almost everything about what you need to know in order to drive on the roads. This knowledge is a requirement so that the quality of driving and safety is kept high on our roads.

    To prepare for your driving test, you need to study the most recent edition of the Road to Solo Driving Handbook. Make sure you study all the handbooks, as the questions in the learner permit test are based on all four chapters. You will need this knowledge before taking driving lessons.

    Once you’ve mastered the knowledge and theory, you then need to arrange for the learner’s permit test. You can do this by calling VicRoads on 131 171 or book your learners permit test online here.

    You will need to pass the learner permit test whether you are a beginner or overseas licence holder. In case you are an overseas licence holder, you will need to get your Victorian driving licence within six months from the time you become a permanent resident in Australia. It will be illegal for you to drive on your overseas licence after those 6 months. Taking driving school lessons will help you to get your Victorian licence faster.

    Driving Licence Victoria

    Quality Driving School Lesson

    You can choose to have your Melbourne driving lessons before or after business hours. Driving lessons can also be conducted over the weekend and/or public holidays. Our driving instructors will pick you up for your driving school lessons from a place of your choice (home, school, work or university) to fit into your busy schedule.

    Our Driving Schools Melbourne allows you to have your driving lessons with an auto or manual transmission cars, and you can choose a male or female driving instructor.

    To appear for your Victorian driving test, you will need to be at least 18 years old plus taken at least 120 hours of supervised driving school lesson. If you are over 21 years old or overseas licence holder, you will be exempted from the 120 hr driving. In any case, it will be advisable to have a few driving school lessons before the driving test to make sure you are up to test standards and able to match the test criteria.

    Call us so that we can assess you and determine what level of driving experience you have and how many driving school lessons are needed before you should sit for the driving test with VicRoads.

    Sprint Driving School Melbourne will be able to cater for all your driving training needs. Our driving school lessons will suit Beginner & refresher drivers, Auto & manual, night lessons, hook turns, driving with trams, freeways, merging lanes, reverse into tight locations driving schools lessons are conducted in new cars dual pedals – will suit anyone who is interested in driver education in Melbourne.

    Driving Licence Vicotia

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    You must be 18 in Victoria to apply for a full driver’s license. However, you can apply for a learner’s permit at the age of 16, which allows you to drive under certain conditions while supervised by a fully licensed driver.

    A driver’s license is typically valid for ten years in Victoria. However, it’s important to note that you need to renew your license before it expires. You will receive a renewal notice from VicRoads, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that your license is renewed on time.

    The driver’s license process in Victoria consists of several stages. The first stage is obtaining a learner’s permit. After gaining some driving experience, you can progress to a probationary (P1) license, followed by a probationary (P2) license.

    To apply for a driver’s license in Victoria, you must provide proof of your identity, residency, and driving eligibility. This typically includes documents such as your birth certificate or passport and proof of residency.

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