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A Hatchback’s Driver Dodges Death after His Car Was Smashed by a Freight Train

Recently, there have been a number of train-car accidents on the railway network of Australia.  While there are different reasons for these railroad accidents to occur, some of them include driver’s negligence, speeding, reckless driving, violating rules, not obeying safety signs, etc. The effects of train-car accidents are unexplainable. People involved in such crashes may either lose their lives or sustain serious injuries that would prevent them from leading a normal life.

Luckily, a driver in South Australia escaped with his life after jumping from this car that got stuck on railway trucks before being barrelled into it. This incident occurred at the rail crossing on Jeffrey Street in Nairne, a small township in Adelaide Hills after 9pm on 12 May.

The hatchback got stuck when the driver was attempting to make a U-turn. In the meanwhile, a freight train was travelling at a high speed on the tracks and the driver managed to jump out of his car with just a few seconds before the train smashed through his vehicle.

Though it was a terrible collision with the car being pushed more than 100 metres, the driver was so lucky to escape from the crash without any injury. The railway line has been closed by emergency services for several hours. Once the car was towed, the train was permitted to continue its trip towards Melbourne. Police started the investigations about the incident.

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