Driving School Melbourne

Driving School Melbourne

Driving School Melbourne

Professional Driving School Melbourne

At Sprint, we offer comprehensive driving lessons tailored for the residents of Metropolitan Melbourne. Our qualified instructors, stationed across various suburbs within the city, ensure convenient accessibility for all learners. As a dedicated driving school Melbourne, our primary goal is to impart essential safe driving skills, empowering our students to become confident and licensed motorists.

If you’re looking for a drive school near you then Sprint will always have a local instructor to assign to you for your education requirements. Since we are locally based, learners do not need to pay for the instructors’ traveling time (other drive schools have the extra fee added to the cost of the lesson to come out to you). This enables us to provide a very competitive pricing structure for your customised plan. See our Driving Lesson Packages here.

Look no further, simply call us today to book your lessons.

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    Reliability You Can Count On

    We Are Open 7 Days

    We are open 7 days and operate very early in the morning through to late evenings. It is very hard to find a professional, local driving school Melbourne that operates every day of the week and has hours to suit your requirements.

    We also provide you with the choice of taking your lessons either in auto or Manual car with an experienced instructor to suit your requirements.

    Male and Female Driving Instructors

    We can provide both female and male instructors and some of our staff can communicate in languages other than English.

    We pride ourselves on being able to help you learn to drive no matter who you are.

    Contacting Driving School Melbourne is easy

    Just call us and one of our team members will be happy to take your call and assist you with your lesson inquiry.

    We Drive Out To You

    Many of our competitors ask the learner to come to them however, with Sprint our instructors will come out to you. This makes it extremely convenient and hassle free and also means your lesson can start at home, school or at your work place. It can be during the week or weekend.

    With other schools their instructor may run late by 5 to 15 min as there could be heavy traffic or road blockage. This could be deducted from your session time. However, with Sprint Drive School our policy is that the lesson starts from and at the time the learner sits in the training vehicle and will run until the very end of the time allocated. This gives you your full time for every session.

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    Practice The Test Route

    Most driving schools in Melbourne will practice around the official VicRoads testing area. We at Sprint Drive School will also conduct a test assessment around the actual official test runs. This tends to have a huge positive impact on the success rate of the VicRoads drive test.

    By taking the time to drive the test runs it enables us to evaluate how well a learner driver has prepared for the subsequent drive test. The other important factor with these lessons is that it tends to familiarise the learner driver of the area in question. It removes the element of surprise a learner driver might encounter. The learner driver becomes adapted to the environment and thereby giving them a confidence boost and familiarity to pass their driving test.

    Study the Victorian Traffic Handbook

    Refresh your knowledge of the Victorian Traffic rules before sitting for your driving test. Follow the following link for a free traffic handbook: Training Programs.

    Driving Lessons Gift Vouchers

    Drive lessons gift vouchers can be purchase either on-line or just call us directly and we’ll help you decide what’s the best gift you can give someone who is about to learn to drive a car.

    Follow the link to order your online: Gift Vouchers.

    Book Online

    With Sprint Driving School you can book your driving lessons in one easy form.

    For your convenience book lessons directly on our website at the following link: Online Bookings

    Contacting us is easy

    Just call us and one of our team members will be happy to take your call and assist you with your lesson inquiry.

    Just call us and one of our team members will be happy to take your call and assist you with your lesson inquiry.

    We have instructors ready to provide lessons throughout the city. All our schools can provide lessons and packages to suit your budget. Inquire today for quality classes in Melbourne.

    Get in touch with us for a professional Drive School experience. Contact Sprint Driving School Melbourne Today

    Driving Lessons Melbourne

    Call Sprint Driving School and book one of our professional driving instructors for your driving lessons.

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    Our Driving School Melbourne offers a wide range of services. Our services include driving lessons for beginners, Courses for refreshers, defensive driving training, and preparation for driving tests.

    We guide our students through the entire process of getting a driver’s license. The Driving Schools In Melbourne help students prepare for the driving test and build the necessary skills to become safe and confident drivers.

    Absolutely! We understand that everyone has different schedules and learning preferences. Driving School Melbourne offers flexible lesson scheduling, allowing you to choose the most convenient times for your lessons.

    Yes. Whether you’re looking to drive an automatic vehicle or master the art of manual driving, our Driving Schools In Melbourne can provide tailored lessons to help you achieve your goals.

    Our Driving School Melbourne stands out due to our commitment to providing a holistic learning experience. We prioritise teaching driving skills and instilling safe driving habits for life.
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