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Melbourne’s Premier Driving School

At Sprint Driving School we aim to make you a successful and safe driver. This process takes time and practice. Our driving school instructors will train you to acquire the necessary skills, through our driving lessons.

Required skills are both mental and physical. Physical skills are operations that are required for operating the car, breaking, steering, accelerating and changing gears. Mental skills include astute observation, the judgement of speed and distance via checking your mirrors, and identifying hazards.

Our driving school will develop and shape your driving habits to match the safety and legal requirements of VicRoads. The end goal is that these habits will become second nature to you.

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    Driving School That Gives Value For Money
    Sprint Driving School Melbourne provides good value for money by charging a very competitive lesson fee. We guarantee that each lesson will contain lots of valuable teaching material. It is our policy to not finish a lesson unless you have achieved a new skill.
    As we operate seven days a week you will always find a time that suits you to book your Melbourne driving lesson.
    Learn driving from Experts Melbourne
    Conducting driving lessons at our Driving School

    Sprint Driving School is a local mobile service provider. As such, our driving instructors will come to you at your preferred time and location. We can pick you up for your lesson from home, university, school or work.

    Our instructor will train you in your local district. Once you have obtained the necessary skills and are ready to go for the practical VicRoads driving test our driving school policy is to drive you through the VicRoads test runs. This will help you to acclimatise to the VicRoads testing runs.

    It is entirely up to you which VicRoads office you choose to complete your driving test at. Our driving school will match the time and date of your VicRoads driving test, so that both your Melbourne driving instructor and the car you have been trained in are available on that day.

    Driving School Operating Hours

    Melbourne driving school hours of operation are between 8:00am and 11:00pm; however our driving lessons are available between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, seven days a week.We are proud to note that we charge no extra cost for weekends and public holidays. Plus our school provides each and every learner driver a FREE lesson as a special offer. Take note that our main phone number is always on – you can always talk to a professional driving instructor.

    Matching The Customer Training Needs

    Our policy is to match the customer’s training needs. If you have a deadline that you need to complete your driving test, we will match this and generate a suitable driver training program. Our instructors will come to your home address, school, university or work for each driving lesson.Our driving instructors will be able to familiarize you with the fixed test runs around the VicRoads of your choice, so that come your test day you will be highly familiar with the testing area. Equally, you will have a choice of either a male or female driving instructor, and a manual or automatic car.

    Driving School That Liaise With Vic Roads

    As we work closely with the VicRoad’s authority office we can help you find a test time that is suitable to your training needs and urgency. In regards to your driving test, we can advise which VicRoads testing office is easier to pass based on reduced traffic and simpler driving layout.Sprint Driver training are professional and friendly who are committed to ensuring a pass in the first time driving test results.

    Call Sprint Driving School and book one of our professional driving instructors for your driving lessons.

    Are you ready to try Sprint Driving School for your driving lessons?
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    A driving school is an institution that provides professional instruction to individuals learning how to drive. We offer various services, such as driving lessons, defensive driving courses, and preparation for driving tests.

    Enrolling in a driving school is simple. You can contact our school directly through our website, and we will help you choose a suitable lesson package and schedule your lessons.

    Instructors at our driving school are certified professionals with the licenses to teach driving skills. We trained them to ensure that they are aware of rules & regulations.

    The duration depends on your prior experience, learning pace, and the skills you want to master. Our driving schools offer different lesson packages, ranging from a few weeks to several months.

    The age requirement can vary based on the location and local regulations. In Melbourne, you can learn to drive as early as 16.
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