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Should You Really Need A Mock Driving Test Before The Practical Test?

Have you passed your theory test? Now, you have not got much time to take the last step in your learning journey. Though it lasts less than an hour, most learners are afraid of the practical test. As the adrenaline and nerves can get so overwhelming on the test day, many driving instructors in Melbourne prepare their students beforehand by giving mock driving tests.  Let us see what a mock driving test involves and why it is necessary to take one before your actual test.

What Actually A Mock Driving Test Is?

Once you have completed most of your driving course, your instructor can give you a mock driving test in a similar way to the actual practical test. Usually, this test will be given a couple of weeks before the test date, so that the learners will get enough time to improve the weaker areas highlighted by their instructor during the mock test.

Why Should You Take The Mock Test?

The aim of giving you a mock test is to prepare you for the real thing. The instructor will conduct the test in the same way as an examiner does. He will also explain how the test works, how you will be assessed and what you are required to do during the test.

Your driving lessons are intended to make you a confident driver who can complete advanced manoeuvres. Even if you got enough lessons and practice behind the wheel, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready for the test. A mock driving test will help you prepare yourself for the actual test conditions and give you pretty useful experience that you can have under your belt.

If you are nervous, taking a mock test very early on can be useful as it will give you an idea on how many driving lessons you may require before taking the test. This will remove uncertainties around learning to drive and even calm your nerves down.

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