Driving Test Routes in Melbourne

Easy To Learn Driving Techniques

Do you think adjusting your seat and the controls in your car to suit your height and build is of chief importance while driving? The answer is yes, it is an extremely important lesson to be learnt! It improves your comfort level and also reduces stress, improves your control over the vehicle you are driving and allows the safety features of your car to perform their functions.

Wear Your Seat Belt Properly

As advised by most driving instructors in Melbourne, wear your seat belts always; it’s a savior. When you connect your seat belt before starting to drive, make sure it is under your waist, this is to ensure that your body mass is fully secured. The belt should be kept flat and there shouldn’t be any curves, spirals or pleats. Review often by pulling your seat belt so it removes any slack. Airbags work more effectively during a crash if your seat and steering wheel are adjusted according to your body with more focus on your chest area.

Improve Braking Techniques:

Braking techniques involves understanding that the results of hard and fast breaking can cause skidding and a loss of control, especially on uneven or wet grounds. A swift movement of breaking should involve putting some light pressure on the brake initially then deliberately increasing pressure to bring your automobile to a stop.

Steer Gently:

Making sure to steer the car gently and trying to avoid precipitous movements while driving could save us and others a lot of trouble. A driving lessons in Melbourne will provide good knowledge on conscious and courteous driving skills that involves slowing down before turning and waiting until your vehicle starts to straighten before accelerating again. While steering, keep both your hands on the outer surface of the wheel and place your thumbs in a manner touching the seam of the wheel.


Above all, relax and ease your body and mind, focus on your driving, use the defensive techniques and remain patient in unfavorable conditions on road.

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