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Easy Tips for Learner Drivers That Have Trouble Controlling Their Speeds

Learning to drive can be both a thrilling and challenging experience at the same time. One of the trickiest parts for many learner drivers is speed control. They cannot seem to go at the right speeds because they are either too slow or nervous or too fast and inadvertently clumsy. So, what’s your speed problem? Are you too slow or too fast? What does your driving school instructor say? Consider the tips below for learners that drive too slowly and those that drive too fast:

Tips for Learner Drivers that Go Too Slow

Do not be in a hurry to improve on your speeds. You will be driving faster soon enough.

Do not drive faster even when you do not feel safe, just because you want to impress your instructor. It is ok to drive slower and feel safe as opposed to the other way around. After all, safety is the most important consideration in every driving lesson you take.

Understand it is not a problem that is unique to you because most new drivers begin slowly. Then after a few days or weeks, they drive too fast. But after weeks of practice, they get it right.

It is ok to be scared and nervous when you are starting out as a driver. It is better to avoid things you do not understand or ready to do quickly at this point rather than doing the opposite. For example, if you are not comfortable with holding the steering wheel using only one hand at this point, keep off doing that.

Do not be ashamed that you are “driving too slowly”. Everybody starts out like this and it is not an indication that you are a road coward. 

The speed limit for Melbourne drivers to learner drivers is normally too high for many conditions and situations. Again, it is OK to reduce your speed and be safe!

Tips for Learner Drivers that Drive Too Fast

Once you get a bit used to driving even though have not gotten it right yet, you may always find that you are going too fast, especially in sloppy terrains. Many learners have trouble controlling their speeds along such terrains. They have no idea they may need to step on the brake pedal to control the speed. Instead, they expect that taking their foot off the accelerator will do the trick. 

The right speed control is something most amateur drivers will take a long time to get right. Understand this and do not beat up yourself because you cannot seem to control your speeds well. Just be patient, safe and practicing consistently and you will get it right before you know it! Call Sprint Driving School Melbourne at 0418 519 228 if you need any help with your driving skills.

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