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Get your driving lessons at the Sprint Driving School, which is renowned as the best Elsternwick Driving School, offering top-notch driving programmes for all. The specialised programmes offered will not only help you clear out your driving test but will also make you road-ready to drive safely in all kinds of conditions. Our driving lessons in Elsternwick are given in a fully relaxed and supportive atmosphere, making learning a lot easier for everyone. From the wide range of cars that we have, you can choose anyone that suits your driving requirements. Since the beginning, we’ve been equipped with the best in the industry driving instructors in Elsternwick Driving School who have extensive working experience.

Accessible Driving Courses for All

All of our courses are made keeping in mind the fact that learning must be easy for everyone, regardless of their age. With it, efforts are made by our trainers to help all candidates pass their driving exam within the shortest possible time. Till now, more than 5,000 candidates have taken driving lessons from us, making us a reliable name in the industry.

Local Elsternwick Driving School

As opposed to other driving schools our Elsternwick driving school has driving instructors who live in Elsternwick who are available at a short notice. Our driving instructors will collect you on time, any time, from your Elsternwick home, office or school.

Dual Control Driving School Cars

Here at Elsternwick driving school we own driving cars that are new, clean and are fitted with dual controls. Our Melbourne driving school cars are late-model manual or automatic cars.
Elsternwick Driving School

Practical Driving Lessons in and around Elsternwick

All our Melbourne driving instructors know the driving conditions in and around Elsternwick. Elsternwick is a good area for a learner driver to begin taking driving classes. Sprint offer added value to your practical driving lessons.A driving lesson in Elsternwick can cover quiet streets, busy main roads, and hectic strip shopping centers to get the learner driver used to traffic in a less stressful environment. Once you are comfortable in Elsternwick then our driving instructor will take you further to greater Melbourne to experience other road conditions to boost your confidence and in a no time your skills will increase to allow you to drive safely and accurately.

Competitive Driving School Prices

We also has competitively priced driving lessons and driving courses. Having local driving instructors can save traveling time for the student as well provide quick and prompt service. A driving lesson can be 45, 60 or 90 minutes long.

Hours of operation

1. With Elsternwick driving school each driving instructor can conduct your driving class at a time that suits your needs. We offer to conduct your driving class early in the morning, on weekends, at night or on public holidays. Melbourne driving lessons are conducted between 8am and 8pm. Please contact us for more details.
Driving Lessons and Classes
We offers two special courses:1. The guaranteed pass course.If you are worried about passing your driving license test then we offer driving lessons with a guaranteed pass option (conditions apply). In anyway we give quality and top driving lessons to our students.2. The intensive course. Our driving instructors will give you priority for each driving lesson you book. You can take as many driving classes in a week as you like. This course can drastically increase your learning experience and aim to get your license as quickly as practical.
Sprint’s Elsternwick Driving School – Accredited Driving Instructors
  • Our driving instructors are qualified with many years of driving instructor experienced.
  • We have male and female driving instructors.
  • Every driving instructor is Vic Roads accredited and has a wide range of experience in giving driving lessons.
  • They have taught driving classes to people ranging from 16-year-old drivers to people in their 60s or 70s who need a refresher driving class
  • Some of our driving instructors are multilingual.
From a Learner to a Competent Driver
Here at Elsternwick driving school we aim to make you a competent and a confident driver. Your driving instructor aims to take you from a learner driver level to a competent and safe driverYour driving instructor will begin by building your road skills (observation and judgement), driving skills, confidence and as well as how to physically operate a car.
Free Driving Lesson
We reward you for taking driving lessons with us. As a bonus your driving instructor will give you a free driving lesson on the day of your license test. This last lesson is an ideal way to get you ready for the driving test. You will be familiar with the traffic conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sprint Driving School in Elsternwick offers a guaranteed pass course. This means that if you don’t pass your driving test after completing your course, we will offer lessons with a guaranteed pass option (conditions apply).

The cost of a driving lesson at Sprint Driving School varies depending on the package you choose. The Following packages offer great value and flexibility to suit all budgets: 

  • $65 for a 45-minute lesson: Pay as you go, available for both automatic and manual cars.
  • $300 for 5 x 45-minute lessons: Pre-pay and get 6 lessons in total.
  • $400 for 5 x 60-minute lessons: Pre-pay and get 6 lessons in total.
  • $600 for 10 x 45-minute lessons: Pre-pay and get 11 lessons in total.

Any action that puts you or other road users in danger during the VicRoads driving test can result in an instant failure. Such actions as running a red light, failing to yield, not signalling, or failing to look for other vehicles on the road may prompt someone else to swerve to avoid a collision.

There is no restriction on how many times you can fail your driving test. However, with adequate planning and practice at Sprint Driving School, you might be able to pass the examination on the first try.

For the latest fees, please visit the VicRoads website. VicRoads regularly updates its fee structure, so checking its official site will provide you with the most accurate information.

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