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Essential Driving Ethics That Every Responsible Driver Should Be Aware Of

With hundreds of car accidents in Melbourne every year, it is important for everyone to be safe and careful while driving a vehicle. Driving is all about awareness, responsibility and defensiveness. Being a responsible drier, your focus should be on the road so that you can stay away from getting in an accident. While accidents are caused by different reasons, many of them can be avoided by awareness and defensiveness. To help you drive safely, Sprint Driving School has compiled a list of the most common causes of accidents and easy ways to avoid them.

Getting Distracted While Driving:

Distracted driving is one of the major causes of accidents in Melbourne. Eating, drinking, texting, speaking on the phone and even talking to passengers leave the drivers distracted.  As a responsible driver, you should eliminate all these unnecessary distractions to stay safe.

Harsh Weather Condition:

While you can’t control the weather condition, there are certain steps you can take to manage the situation. Taking defensive driving classes prepares you to drive in any sort of harsh weather condition without losing control over your vehicle.

Night-time Driving:

If you are not proactive, night time driving can be extremely dangerous. Even if you are an experienced driver, driving at night will be a difficult experience, especially due to limited visibility. So, make sure that your headlights are ON, follow the recommended speed limit and minimise distractions when you are driving at night.

Hasty Driving:

Speeding can cause accidents and pose a serious risk to you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. As a rule, you should stay under the speed limit when you are driving. Never tailgate or drive slower than the flow of traffic.

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