Five Road Signs That You Should Never Ignore When Getting Behind The Wheel

Road signs do exist to maintain regulations and provide information to motorists. If you are like most drivers who probably ignore the road signs, you must realise that you are putting yourself and others at risk. This is why driving instructors in Melbourne stress the importance of following road signs during the driver training sessions.

Here Are Some Road Signs That You Should Never Ignore:

Speed Limit:

Speed limits are estimated depending on the ideal conditions for the road. As ideal road conditions rarely exist, driving even five metre per hour over the speed limit can have lethal consequences.


Taking a U-turn in the middle of a road or a No U-Turn junction can put you and other motorists at risk. Due to the complexity of U-turn, you could be more susceptible to blind spots. Also, you might underestimate the speed of an oncoming vehicle and have no enough time to complete the U-turn.

Stop Signs:

Most drivers will ‘roll through’ a stop sign. Instead of stopping their vehicle, they ignore the stop sign and drive through, assuming that there will be no oncoming traffic. Anyone ignoring this stop sign will end up facing devastating consequences.

School Zone Signs:

These signs are posted near educational institutions to warn drivers to slow down and operate their vehicle at low speed. Most of us obey the school zone speed limits, but not every driver feels the same. A careless driver who drives at high-speed is putting the lives of students, parents and teachers at risk.

Warning Signs:

Warning signs are posted to alert the drivers of the potential dangers ahead. They can either be temporary or permanent, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Disregarding them may put your and others’ safety at risk.

If you want to become familiar with the road signs and know the importance of following them, you can consult with the driving instructors of Sprint Driving School by calling 1300 731 330.