Five Things You Should Do To Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Your Vehicle

With the ever rising prices of petrol and diesel, fuel consumption is a great concern for most drivers on the road. This article will discuss some useful tips on minimising fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Accelerate Smoothly:

This is one of the best ways to save fuel. According to a research, it has been found that driving at the speed of 50kmph in the highest gear and maintaining a steady speed limit will help saving a lot of fuel.

Drive Sensibly:

Driving sensibly involves foreseeing the activities of other drivers, reading the road ahead, predicting the potential hazards, applying less brake and accelerating smoothly. When you follow all these techniques, you would notice the change in the fuel consumption of your vehicle quickly.

Turn Off The Air Conditioner:

Though driving with A/C on makes you feel more comfortable, it is better to avoid usage of air-con continuously for a long duration, especially if you are serious about saving your fuel. Move around with open windows and let the fresh air inside to keep the cabin cool.

Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure:

If you drive your car with low tyre pressure, it consumes more fuel to pull on. So, it is highly recommended to check the pressure of your tyres at least every two weeks. If required, you can also install pressure monitoring device that will notify you whenever your vehicle has pressure issues.

Maintain Your Vehicle Properly:

This is one of the most crucial steps that you must to do save your car fuel. Regular service and maintenance can help increasing the efficiency of the engine, which in turn decreases fuel consumption. Following factory-scheduled maintenance helps saving a lot of fuel every year.

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