Follow The Tips To Drive Better In The Wet Weather Conditions

Melbourne provides wonderful living conditions throughout the year. However, we might experience unusual weather conditions during the fall and winter months that could be dangerous for new drivers. Driving in harsh weather condition can be difficult even for those who have obtained their driving license. To save you from the hassle, we have come up with a few tips that help you drive better and safer in the rain.

Wait Until The Rain Stops:

If you have ever seen a vehicle skidding on a web road, you would know how worst the experience would be. Until you have control of the vehicle, it is better to stay off the roads during the monsoon. If it is possible, you can pull over your vehicle and wait until the rain stops.

 Reduce Your Driving Speed:

In wet condition, your vehicle should get adjusted to the lower traction, and so it takes longer time to react to turning or braking. Having this in mind, lower your speed considerably when you drive on wet roads.

Get The Lights On:

Majority of accidents in wet weather happen due to lack of proper visibility. Keeping the headlights on when driving in the rain allows you to have better visibility of the road ahead as well as other drivers and pedestrians who share the road with you.

Avoid Puddles:

When you drive through puddles, you may cause hydroplane – water builds between the roadway and tyres. When this phenomenon happens, you can’t slow down your vehicle or come to a halt. Therefore, it is better to avoid puddles or slow down your vehicle before you drive through them.

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