Four Major Reasons For A Driving License Suspension In Melbourne, Victoria

Those who have obtained a legal driver’s license in Melbourne, Victoria have the ability to drive. Still, there are some instances where you may lose your driving privilege. Not only does license suspension happen when you are behind the wheel, but also takes place outside of the vehicle. Here are some of the reasons for a license suspension.

  • Driving Without Insurance:

Almost all states require the drivers to carry a liability insurance to drive legally. If you get caught without the minimum amount of insurance as required by the law, you may end up with a license suspension.

  • Driving Under The Influence:

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drug while operating a vehicle, the law enforcement will confiscate your license and issue you a suspension order. While each state has its own definitions around this illegal behaviour, driving while intoxicated increases your chances of losing your privilege to drive.

  • Reckless Driving:

If you operate the vehicle recklessly disregarding the safety and consequences of other road users, you risk the chance of license suspension. Excessive speeding, passing a vehicle despite oncoming traffic and racing another vehicle are considered as reckless driving. Involving in such activities increases your chances of losing your suspension.

  • Excessive Penalty Points On Your Driving License:

If you happen to get more than 12 penalty points in any 3 year period, you will be disqualified from driving for the next 6 months. Drivers with learner permit are also disqualified from driving if they have five penalty points in any 12 month period.

What Happens If Your Driving License Is Suspended?

If your driving license or permit is suspended in Victoria, you can’t drive any motor vehicle. If you drive, you will be fined, imprisoned, have your vehicle seized or your insurance may be cancelled.

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