Four Most Common Road Hazards and Tips to Avoid Them

All drivers will come across at least one roadway hazard in their lifetimes. Unluckily, not all motorists will be able to avoid them or escape accidents. Road hazards can cause extensive damages for victims, passengers and the vehicle itself. To prevent collisions and injuries, you must be aware of all possible road hazards and be prepared to avoid them.

Here Are Some Common Roadway Hazards And Helpful Tips To Avoid Them:

Driving On Wet Or Oily Roads:

Rainwater, ice, snow, oil and grease tend your vehicle to slide.  Drivers can prevent accidents by driving slowly and gently applying the brakes. If you notice that your car is sliding, try to keep the wheel in the same direction.

Congested Traffic:

Congested, bumper-to-bumper traffic during commutation can lead to accidents. If you happen to drive in heavy traffic, maintain more distance between your vehicle and the car in front. Also be aware of the vehicles that may cut ahead of you.

Reckless Drivers:

A reckless driver is dangerous if she or he drives the wrong way, run red lights, drive under the influence or maintain irregular speed. If you notice someone who is driving recklessly, the best thing you can do is to maintain a safe distance from that vehicle.

Potholes, Cracks & Road Debris:

An unsafe roadway with a lot of potholes, cracks, loose gravel and fallen debris could cause a car accident. If you see any of these things in the road ahead, slow down your vehicle, have a firm grip on the steering wheel and change the lanes if you can.

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