Horrific Multi-Vehicle Crash On Gold Coast – Seven People Hospitalised With Injuries

Seven people have been hospitalised after a horror multi-vehicle crash on one of the busiest roads of Queensland. This accident occurred when a utility vehicle crossed on to the wrong side of the M1 motorway at Coomera on the Gold Coast at 5.30am on 11th March.

It was first believed that the driver of the ute endured a medical situation which led the driver to drive into the wrong side of the road. The car was traveling at the speed of 110 kilometres per hour before seven vehicles, including a truck, caught up in the accident.

The smash victims include six men in their 40s and 20s as well as one woman in her 50s. Four people out of the seven were taken to Gold Coast University Hospital who were in a serious condition. The other three drivers escaped with minor injuries but also taken to hospital for treatment.

Senior paramedics and Queensland Ambulance Senior Operations Supervisor, David Martin said that the accident was one of the largest crashes that he had seen and it was a miracle that no one was killed in the accident. All the vehicles were extensively damaged but the patients were very fortunate to escape with minor injuries.

There were delays for more than 45 minutes, so the drivers were insisted to use alternative routes. It took more than two hours to clean up the wreckage, and forensic investigators were trying to figure out how the accident occurred.

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