Horrific Truck Accident – A Young Victorian Woman’s Legs Amputated

Support has been outpouring for young Victorian truck driver Michelle Pillar whose both legs have been amputated after a horrific accident along Carlisle Road on Victoria’s south coast. This 25-year-old woman has started her career as a truck driver, transporting livestock across the nation.

The life-changing incident happened when the animal trailer she was towing rolled and got stuck between a tree and a bridge in the Otways. She was stuck in the cabin for more than 11 hours before the paramedics got her out.

Unfortunately, her right leg was amputated below her knee at the scene to free her from the truck cabin. Due to several other complications, surgeons were forced to remove her left leg as well to save her life. During her hospitalisation, doctors have uncovered a spinal cord infection and several broken bones, which subjected Ms Pillar to undergo countless surgeries.

Ignatius Corboy, brother-in-law of the young woman, described that she is a hard-working young girl and had a can-do attitude which allowed her to perform her job well. He also added that her life has changed forever and she can never drive again. This would be very hard for her to understand.

Mr Corboy has created a Fundraiser for the girl to raise money that could contribute to rehab, treatment, mental health care and a new set of legs. A donation tin has been kept at the Mortlake Roadhouse, and so far, $100,000 has been raised. Likewise, her employer also has insurance and other commitments to her.

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