How Dangerous Tailgating Is And Why Should You Avoid It?

Tailgating is an act of driving a vehicle too closely behind another vehicle. Though driving instructors in Melbourne impart the safest driving techniques to the learners, this is one of the most dangerous driving habits that many drivers pick up over time. Even many experienced drivers who have taken driving lessons from a driving school in Melbourne engage in such activities and get involved in a tailgating accident. Let’s take a closer look on what tailgating is and how to avoid it.

Stick To Safe Following Distance:

There is a recommended safe-distance that every driver should maintain between other vehicles on the road. This safe following distance varies with speed and environmental conditions, and this is represented by time. In typical road condition, the time difference between the vehicle in front of you and your vehicle should not be less than two seconds. If you are towing a trailer or driving in wet weather, this is increased to four seconds. Maintaining this safe following distance is very important so that the driver in front of you will get enough time to stop his vehicle if the vehicle in front of him stops suddenly.

What Are The Dangers Of Tailgating?

  • If you tailgate and the driver of the car in front of you suddenly slows down or stops, you will not be able to stop before crashing into the car in front of you.
  • Though tailgating is dangerous in any weather condition, it is more dangerous when the road is wet because of snow or rainfall.
  • If you have any oversized vehicle in front of you, you should drive cautiously and slowly as such vehicles need more time to stop when compared to smaller vehicles.
  • It takes one or two seconds to respond to an unexpected road hazard. If you drive too close to the car in front of you, even delaying for a single second will be enough to cause a crash.

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