How Much Driving Practice Is Needed To Become A Better Driver?

Every learner driver has a question in his or her mind, “How much practice do I need to become a better driver?” As the best driving school in Melbourne, Sprint Driving School has been providing driving lessons for learner drivers of all age groups. Having been in the industry for many years, we provide you with some good recommendations that would give you an idea about how much driving practice you will need to become good at driving.

No Specific Magic Number:

Every learner driver will learn to drive at a different rate, so there is no specific number of practice hours to have in mind. You should go above and beyond whatever your state requires. This means that in addition to getting 120 hours of supervised driving as required by the state of Victoria, you should continue practicing the skill until you gain the experience, confidence and knowledge needed to drive safely.

Have Someone To Monitor Your Progress:

Lack of experience is the biggest threat for new drivers, so don’t hesitate to get additional practice. In addition to getting training from driving instructors in Melbourne, you can have your parent or friend to monitor your progress. Having someone to notice your mistakes and judge your performance will help you understand what you need to work on to become a safe driver.

Practice Driving After Getting Your License Too!

Even if you have passed your practical test and obtained your driving license, you should continue practicing at least for 30 minutes each week. This way, you can upkeep your driving skill and become a driver we would all want to share the road with.

Get Professional Driving Lessons From Sprint Driving School!

Driving is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and practice to master this skill. To become the best, safest and the most confident driver, take driving lessons from one of our qualified driving instructors. We are just a phone call away. Ring us on 1300 731 330 and talk to us today for more details.