How Will You Control Your Car And Avoid An Accident If Brakes Fail While Driving?

Brake failure can happen at any time while you are driving. Before it completely stops working, it will give you some warning signs – brake pads will make noise, brake calipers will jam, the brake wire will break, the master cylinder will leak, etc. If you keep ignoring these warning signs, you will end up dealing with unexpected brake failure. As a driver, you should know what to do if your brakes suddenly fail.  To help you deal with that scenario, we have created this lifesaving guide.

Don’t Get Frightened:   

Even if you have completed your driving lessons or you have years of experience behind the wheel, you might get frightened as soon as you realise that your brake system has failed. A clear mind can be your friend behind the wheel, particularly when things go wrong. If your brakes fail, stay calm and get your car safely off the road.

Re-try The Brakes:

Even if your car has lost all its braking power, there might still be some stopping power. So, try applying strong and consistent pressure to the brake pedal, which might help you slow the car down.

Employ Emergency Brake:

The emergency braking system, which is different from the main brake system, also helps stopping the vehicle. However, it might take longer to bring the vehicle to the complete stop when compared to the traditional brake pedal.

Downshift To A Lower Gear:

If you are driving a vehicle with manual transmission, you can down shift to a lower gear gradually. On the other hand, if you have an automatic transmission, take your foot off the accelerator. This causes your car to shift to lower gears when it gets slowed down.

Don’t Turn Off The Car:

When you turn off the ignition, your power steering will also go off, making it more difficult to manoeuvre your vehicle. So, you must have the engine running until you have come to the complete stop.

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