Little Known Road Rules Of Australia – Learn Before You Get Behind The Wheel

The Australian government makes more than a billion dollars revenue from traffic-related fines, and still many people happen to break the road rules and end up paying hefty fines. While each state and territory has its own set of rules and consequences, they are all enclosed by the road traffic act (1961). Here are some of the little-known road rules that you should learn before getting behind the wheel.

Tooting Your Horn:  

A driver is not allowed to use a horn or similar warning device fitted to the vehicle unless it is necessary to warn animals or other road users.

Driving Too Slow:

If you are traveling between 20km/h along a road to which the speed limit of 80km/h applies for no reason at all, you might be fined for obstructing drivers or pedestrians.

Accelerating While Being Overtaken:

Many motorists speed up as soon as they see someone overtaking them. This is against the law, so make sure that you are not accelerating while another driver on a two-way road is overtaking you.

Using Fog Lights In Clear Conditions:

Operating a vehicle with front or rear fog lights on is an offence. Make sure you are not keeping the fog lights on unless the weather condition is hazardous and causing reduced visibility.

Driving With Parts Outside Of Your Vehicle:

We usually put our arm on the car’s window while driving, but as per the Australian road rules, it is an offence to drive a motor vehicle with any part of your body outside a window or door of your car.

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