Look Out For the Tips to Impress the Driving Examiner

There could be nothing that makes amateur drivers as nervous and frazzled as completing their driving lessons and taking up the driving test. Due to the pressure, most learners find it difficult to perform well and pass the test. Luckily, you have found us – the experts on all aspects of driving. We have come up with numerous practical test tips that help you impress the driving examiner. 

Make Your First Impression – The Best One:

While your first impression will not have any impact on the examiner’s final report, try to get a good impression. Have all the required files and records at hand. Do not leave them in your pocket as it does not look fair if you make the examiner wait when you are searching for it. 

Determination Is Key:

Whether you took a wrong turn or stalled the car, don’t get in to condense mode. You should not dwell on your faults as it will only upset your mind while taking up the rest of the test. Have determination and give yourself an opportunity to pass the test. 

Be Confident & Cautious: 

During the driving test, you are expected to drive safely and confidently. The examiner wants you to show off your confidence and exercise caution wherever it is necessary. Don’t rush as you won’t benefit from speed-driving and simultaneously, don’t allow other road users to influence you on the test. 

Understand What Your Examiner Is Looking For:

Your examiner is not looking for any special tricks. Instead, they want you to display safe, natural and confident driving. Keep an eye on the speed limits and plan ahead if you are approaching any hazard. If you are asked to show off your ability to pull up on the right, parallel parking or bay parking, do it right. 

Need more tips and guidance to impress your examiner? Why not approach Sprint Driving School? We have experienced driving instructors who can offer personalised driving courses and help you pass the test, the first time. For consultation, you can call us at 1300 73 1330.