Male Or Female Driving Instructor – Who Is Best For You?

So, you finally got your provisional license and are about to start learning to drive. Actually, before you get behind the wheel and begin your driving lessons, you will need to find a suitable driving instructor. When it comes to picking an instructor, there are several things that you need to consider. The professional you choose should be qualified, licensed and experienced. One important thing that comes to the minds of many learners is ‘Should I take driver training from a male or female driving instructor?’

In this article, let’s discuss about the different between male and female instructors and why some learners prefer taking driving lessons from one over the other.

Comfort & Personal Preferences:

Some people feel more comfortable learning with a male or female instructor – may be due to their past learning experience or due to an instinctive feeling.  Depending on the level of experience you have behind the wheel, you could be taking driving lessons from your instructor for around 40 hours, so it is better to learn from the one whom you feel comfortable with.

Willingness To Learn From The Instructor Of Same Gender:

Some female learners hesitate to spend time with a man who is completely unknown to them, so they wish to be taught by a female driving instructor. The same reason applies to male learners as well.

Assumptions And Instincts:

Many learners choose to learn from a female driving instructor as they believe that females will be quite gentle, polite, friendly and nurturing when compared to males. On the other hand, some learners prefer taking driving course from a male instructor as they believe that males are thought to be better drivers.

Male Or Female Driving Instructor?

Deciding to learn from a male or female instructor is completely up to you. You are the one who is supposed to spend several hours of time with the instructor in a car, so you should make the decision.

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