Melbourne Driving Instructors

Melbourne Driving Instructors

Sprint Driving School

Sprint’s driving instructors have undergone a rigorous selection process to meet high quality standards to put them clearly in the experts category in their field.

Unlike us, other driving schools have varying levels of lesson quality as they lack the commitment to their students that we adhere to.

At Sprint Driving School we bring to you a huge selection of teaching staff who can provide the best level of service possible. We have many driving instructors who are multi-lingual. So, if you need a female driving instructor then give us a call to arrange your next driving lesson.

Driving Instructors Melbourne

Patient & Efficient Techniques

We offer a balanced training program that is presented in a logical and progressive way.

We deliver every part of our curriculum in a balanced and progressive way in order to provide the students with the maximum benefit in the allotted lesson time. We utilise techniques to engage young people in a friendly and constructive manner that creates a positive learning environment.

All our instructors are equipped with dual pedal driving vehicles to offer you safety and a safe driving lesson experience. Furthermore, our driving school vehicles are are comprehensively insured for peace of mind.

Melbourne Driving Instructors

Melbourne Locals

Sprint driving school recognises that parents and other friends or family who supervise the student may well be leading busy lives. We have driving lessons available to suit your time slots whether that be a weekend driving lesson, early morning time slot or late in the day schedule.

We can also organize the lesson to commute to work or school so that it fits in with your life. We achieve this level of flexibility by employing local Melbourne instructors living throughout the suburbs.

We are familiar with the following:

    • The driving test criteria and the standards for driver testing.
    • The VicRoads business procedure to get smooth transition from L to P .
    • The latest techniques for driver training methods that will help you to gain maximum gain and allow a smooth and easy learn to drive experience.
    • The fixed testing runs around any VicRoads testing office (its a great advantage to know the possible test route prior to going for your test).

Friendly and Professional Driving Instructors

At Sprint Driving School all our instructors are able to help you to build confidence and gain essential skills along with techniques to stay calm and stress free. You’ll be having great fun learning to drive with us, during your expertly run lessons. We’ve got some of the best and friendliest instructors in Melbourne.

Female Instructors

In some areas around Melbourne we can provide female driving instructors, which can be important for personal or cultural reasons.

You now have all the reasons to pick up the phone and call our toll free number 1300 73 13 30 or just book online via online bookings and start your training at a time that suit you.

Sprint’s team of experts all drive with dual pedal cars & each car is insured. Your safety is ensured every lesson.

Our driving instructors have a full understanding of the VicRoads test criteria and official standards. Plus, we’re up to date with the latest techniques for driver training that will help you gain maximum progress on your competencies.

For the best instructors Melbourne has to offer, contact Sprint School for a booking.

Sprint is the best run for your money.


Are you ready to try Sprint Driving School for your driving lessons?