Melbourne P-Plater Caught Allegedly For Driving Above Speed Limit

Speeding could affect the driver’s ability to have full control of his vehicle. When driving at high-speed, the drivers may miss traffic signs, make turns unsafely, fail to notice bicyclists, pedestrians and other motorists, increasing the risk for everyone on the road.

A Melbourne driver who’s still on his probationary license was caught allegedly by the Victorian State Highway Patrol Officers on the Monash Freeway in Endeavour Hills for driving almost 100 km/h above the permitted speed limit.

When the patrol officers stopped the speeding Subaru and pulled over the P-plater, they were stunned to see a 21-year old driver who had been traveling at the speed of 183km/h in a 100km/h zone.

The driver, along with his two friends who were in the car with him, was arrested for reckless driving and speeding. The 21-year-old is improbable to get behind the wheel again anytime soon and his car has been seized for 30 days.

Police warned the residents to drive responsibly and cautiously, especially during the hot weather conditions that the state is currently experiencing. State Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Paul Storen said that travelling at such speed is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. He also added that the probationary drivers will not have in-depth experience and knowledge on the roads, especially in wet weather, and this might end in tragedy.

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