NSW Man Dies after A 4WD Crashed Into His Maitland House

A 74-year old man has been killed after a 4WD slammed into his house while he was sleeping in bed.

Brian Whipps, the elderly man, was resting in the front bedroom of his Maitland home at around 3pm, Sunday when a Toyota Landcruiser left the road and smashed into his home, causing significant structural damage too.

Initial reports suggested that the 69-year old suffered a heart attack, right before hurtling into the 100-year-old-house. Both Whipps and the driver were taken to St John’s Hospital where Whipps succumbed to his injuries the next day. However, the driver remains in the hospital in a critical condition.

There was also a woman in the house at the time of the crash, but she was fortunately uninjured. The four wheel drive has been impounded for forensic investigation.

John Robinson, a neighbour and life-long friend of Brian Whipps, mentioned that his friend was too young and too good to die.  Mr Whipps family told that it was a tragic accident and they have nothing to blame the driver.

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