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It’s time to master road skills, not just to pass the test but also to gain some good knowledge about driving. Get ready to learn the best driving techniques at Sprint’s Prahran Driving School, which is a renowned driving school in Prahran, where you will get a chance to handle all unexpected situations calmly. The Driving Instructors in Prahran will give you good training regarding all the driving techniques, which will help you easily become a confident driver.

Prahran Driving School: Expert Instruction

You will experience the best Driving Lessons in Prahran which will help you pass your driving exam and become a professional diver in just a few months of joining. So, don’t delay any longer to enroll in an advanced driving course at Prahran Driving School, where you will have patient instructors who will help you in each step. Our professional team will help you become a lifelong safe driver so that you always feel confident to drive.

Prahran Driving School is Moments Away

Do you live in Prahran area and looking to get your Victorian driving licence? Then book your driving course with Sprint’s Prahran Driving School. Take driving lessons at Prahran with a VicRoads accredited Driving Instructor. There are no more reasons not to call us today to enjoy a quality driving lessons. We are quick, prompt and take our work seriously.

Prahran Driving School Opening Hours

Our Melbourne driving instructors are available 7 days a week. Our driving Instructors live in Prahran , South Yarra and Windsor. They are available at short notice for your Melbourne driving lessons. When you enroll with us and take driving lessons from one of our Melbourne Driving Schools you are covered with a guarantee that we will be there during the week, after hours, weekends and most public holidays. What’s even more exciting is that we keep to one pricelist without any complications. The cost of a driving lesson is the same whether it’s off-peak, peak, after-hours, weekends and holidays. You enjoy the benefit of getting one flat rate.

Prahran Driving School Cars

You have a choice of taking your driving lessons with an auto or a manual car. Driving school cars are new, in excellent conditions, well maintained and are fitted with dual control paddle for safe driving. Our vehicles are fully comprehensively insured for learner drivers. You’re covered if anything goes wrong the insurance will take care of that.

Competitive Prahran Driving School Prices

Our lessons are very competitively priced. There is a course for everyone’s budget. Call us to discuss your needs and let us tailor a suitable course or plan for you and one that meets your budget. The suburb of Prahran offers a challenging driving environment to conduct driving lessons with it’s small roads and streets for just about anyone. It is a great way to get to learn to drive first time in these suburbs. If you can handle Prahran traffic and streets you can handle anything. Sprint Prahran Driving School has a great team of Driving Instructors. Our driving instructors will come to your home, work, university or school to pick you up and start the lesson. Prahran driving school has a flexible schedule whereby the driving lesson can end at any place other than the pickup location, perhaps in a nearby suburb.
Competitive Prahran Driving School Prices

Book Today and Get a Free Driving Lesson before the Driving Test

Our instructors are very familiar with the VicRoads testing criteria. It has been proven many times: by taking a pre-test driving lesson before your driving test has a great positive impact on your performance during the VicRoads Driving Test. This setup has become so popular and increased pass rates for everyone. Our services range from weekly driving lessons to refresher driving lessons and, intensive driver training to get your Victorian driving license faster. Call us today and let us know what you need and, we’ll setup a course that best suits your needs. Book your driving lessons by calling our free call number on 1300 73 1330 or use our online booking form here Call today to get your quality driving course booked Or TEXT us on 0418 5192 28 Sprint’s Prahran Driving School also services Windsor, South Yarra, Armadale, St Kilda, North Caulfield, Toorak, South Melbourbe, Albert park and surrounding suburbs.

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Call a Prahran Driving Instructor today to take your first steps toward learning to drive on your own! Call: 1300 73 1330

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking driving lessons with a professional school like Sprint Driving School provides many benefits. You’ll get expert guidance from experienced instructors who will teach you not only the mechanics of driving but also important defensive driving techniques. You’ll learn to confidently handle different road conditions and understand road rules thoroughly. Additionally, structured lessons ensure you cover all necessary aspects of driving, increasing your chances of passing the driving test on your first attempt.

We offer a variety of driving lesson packages to meet different needs and budgets. Our packages include beginner lessons for those just starting, intensive courses for those who want to learn quickly, refresher lessons for experienced drivers looking to brush up their skills, and advanced driving courses for those aiming to perfect their driving techniques. Our minimum package starts from $65 for a 45-minute session and is available for both manual and automatic vehicles.

For your first driving lesson, you may need to bring your valid learner’s permit and a form of photo identification. Additionally, it’s a good idea to drive in comfy shoes that provide good foot control. These documents assist our instructors in checking for eligibility and guarantee that you meet the requirements required by law to begin driving instruction.

Yes, we offer practice driving tests designed to simulate the actual test environment. These practice tests help you become familiar with the test format and identify any areas where you need improvement. Our instructors provide feedback and guidance to help you correct any mistakes, boosting your confidence and readiness for the real driving test.

A P1 license is the initial probationary stage that lasts for 12 months, during which you must display a red P plate. After completing this period, you progress to a P2 license, which lasts for three years and requires a green P plate. If you are 21 or older when you obtain your probationary license, you will start directly with a P2 license.

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