Regular Or Intensive Driving Course? Which Is Right For You?

Decided to enrol in a driving school Melbourne to get your driving license? Well, when learning to drive, one of the biggest decisions that you should make is to choose between regular driving course that spreads out week-on-week and intensive driving course that condenses everything into a week-long. Before you finalise your choice, let’s explore the differences and similarities between the two variants so that you can make that determination.

Duration Of The Course:

One of the major differences between regular and intensive driving courses is the span of time taken to complete the course. While regular driving courses are spread out across six to 12 months, the intensive driving lessons are designed to be completed in a week or two.

Duration Of The Session:

In regular driving courses, you will have weekly sessions that last between three and four hours. On the other hand, the intensive driving lessons occur nearly every day and each session last between four and five hours.

Individual & Group Lessons:

Regular driving lessons will be conducted either individually or in group, meaning that the instruction works with one or more learners at the same time. However, in intensive driving courses, all driving lessons are conducted on one-to-one basis.

Cost of the Driving Lessons:

Most people have a misconception that the net costs of both regular and intensive driving courses are probably the same. The cost of regular courses is spread out for a longer period of time, obscuring the actual total cost. However, the intensive courses are completed in just a few days, so it will often be lesser than the regular courses.

Regular Or Intensive Driving Course?

By now, you might have understood the basic differences between regular and intensive driving courses. Now, it’s your time to decide which type of course is best for you. If you can only spend weekends to learn to drive, regular course would be great for you. On the other hand, if you want to get driving license quickly and you would be able to take the courses during weekends, you can go with intense driving course.

No matter which driving course you choose, you can learn from experienced driving instructors and pass your driving license test on your first attempt, if you take up driving lessons at Sprint Driving School. To book your lessons, don’t wait to call us on 1300 73 1330.