Six Mistakes That Every New Driver Should Avoid

Driving a car is not only exciting, but can also be stressful, especially for those who are new to the game. You don’t need to feel embarrassed for having a lack of experience on the road, but you need to be careful as it is easy to make big mistakes that sometimes could be fatal too. From panicking and making quick decisions to speeding and road raging, there are several mistakes that new drivers make. They are as follows:


Speeding is one of the biggest mistakes that new drivers make behind the wheel. They even don’t know how fast they are traveling and often find it difficult to figure out how long it could take to stop the vehicle if another vehicle ahead of them stops suddenly.

Not Being Attentive:

Whenever you get behind the wheel, it is essential to pay attention to everything in front of you at all times. When you are changing lanes and parallel parking, keep an eye on blind spots to avoid collisions.

Impulsive Behaviour:

Teens are more prone to take risks compared to adults. For instance, instead of slowing to a complete stop at a yellow light, they ignore traffic signs and completely run red lights.

Adopting Parent’s Bad Driving Habits:

Most people don’t follow the rules of the road exactly. Teens end up emulating the bad habits of their parents and they will carry over them into their real world driving, leading to harmful consequences.

Not Adapting The Driving Style To The Weather Conditions:

There is certain skill set required to drive in inclement weather. However, many young drivers assume that their vehicle operates the same, regardless of the weather condition.

Close Following:

A car needs a certain amount of space when stopping. The rule of thumb is to maintain at least a car’s length between your vehicle and another vehicle when coming to a complete stop.

If you are a new driver and feel that you lack experience to hit the road, consider taking driving classes from a recognised driving school. If you are based in Melbourne, you can call 1300 73 1330 and book your driving lessons with Sprint Driving School.